Wedding dress selection

It’s not an easy task to have a wedding dress that you like and fits

So Xiao Ai Lai gives you a gift

Steps to come

You will find your favorite wedding dress

Selection of wedding dress

1. -8 months reservation

2. The size of the wedding dress can also be fine-tuned, you can go to the test yarn

3. According to the selected wedding style, choose the most suitable wedding shoes


Wedding selection must Killing skills

Appropriate and most important

day Every woman wants a big card underneath

But this does not mean that you can do it.

Wedding is really a penny.

The style is not enough. What is the use of a label that hides a big name in the skirt?

 Wedding dress selection nirvana

Must have breakfast

The process of trying a wedding dress is still relatively laborious

Be aware that many wedding dresses are very heavy

Don’t make yourself look thinner

flat belly Start shopping without eating anything

It will be exhausting yourself

You don’t need to eat too much

but at least the six Seven points to ensure adequate physical strength

wedding selection nirvana

Remember to remove hair and wear strapless underwear

1. Shave before the wedding.

2. Buy four-corner briefs and light-colored underwear without straps before the wedding.

 Wedding dress selection nirvana

Try to choose one-stop service

A lot of people choose wedding dresses when they choose a wedding dress

There is no suitable makeup with them

So I don’t know what the makeup looks like on the wedding day

So it is best to choose one-stop service

One-stop service will allow you to choose a wedding dress and try makeup

so you know that big wedding The overall makeup look of the day

The specific aspect can not be adjusted with the makeup artist

wedding selection nirvana

Science chooses to accompany you to choose a wedding dress

1. Don’t bring too many people, avoid disagreements, disturb your thoughts

2. Choose a good taste, style Accompanied by your friends and relatives

Wedding selection must kill

Listen to the staff’s advice

The clerk looks at the many brides’ daily makeup and test yarns

The experience is very rich

So let them know

Your styles, fabrics, details

and where you want to hide or highlight

and then let them help recommend

Lace or sequins too More will be visually inflated

Sparkling styles are more suitable for indoor or evening wedding wear

and outdoor models should be selected for simple European style yarn

From fabric to decoration

So I really listen to the advice of professionals

wedding selection nirvana

Don’t limit yourself, try other styles

Everyone has their own styles

But it doesn’t mean it is suitable

Some styles you never thought you would wear

But the upper body effect may be quite amazing

So don’t limit yourself

Try more It’s fine

Wedding selection must kill

Try a few more steps in the wedding dress

Some wedding dresses are very beautiful

But it’s difficult to get active

After all, I’m going to walk around at the wedding

So Please wear it everywhere before making a decision.

When you sit down, it will be too tight, make sure you are comfortable.

Be able to move freely and then buy it again

wedding selection nirvana

Remember to bring high heels to choose a wedding dress

You don’t have to bring a wedding shoe

But the shoes must be at least the same height as the wedding shoes

The clerk can help you accurately measure the length.

If you are too long, it is easy to step on the skirt and wrestle. /p>

Wedding Picking nirvana

Choosing the right wedding dress is awesome

Press The must-have wedding dress given by Xiao Ai will not go wrong.

On the day you are happiest

Pot the most beautiful wedding dress

Open a new happy life~