Weddings, weddings, weddings – a different kind of wedding for the rural guys!

Marriage is one of the great joys of life, and the customs of marriage vary from country to country. There are differences in youth marriage customs in towns and villages in Huili County, southern Sichuan, at the junction of Yunnan and Sichuan provinces. In the countryside, some have added a more festive and lively atmosphere to the marriage, and continue the custom of “hanging red”. Look at a wedding for a country guy –

Wedding, wedding, wedding - a different wedding for the rural guys!

The host of the bonus, the groom’s big sister Hanging a flower red for the groom

The country guys usually get married in their own homes, killing pigs themselves or buying meat in the market. Please go to the chef and help the neighbors. Prepare, so from the morning to the groom’s house, this day is called “phase to help”, a highly respected principal invited by a groom’s family to arrange grocery shopping, washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, washing dishes, burning fire On the steamer, on the table, on the table…, arranged in a well-organized, busy and chaotic, people are on call, these people are called ” scattered help” the next day after drinking It’s only after dinner.

Wedding, wedding, wedding - rural guys are different Wedding!

The groom’s shackles are the groom’s hanged bonus

“Helping” In the afternoon of the same day, relatives and neighbors gathered together to eat at the groom’s house. At about 8 pm, the bridegroom’s sister-in-law, the bridegroom’s father’s brother-sister (grandfather, niece) hang the separately bought ” “Flower red”, said by the host “blossom”, said some four words to bless the groom’s happy words, the groom gave the old people to swear to the toast, to express their gratitude.

Wedding, wedding, wedding - rural guys are different Wedding!

Groom, bride and table to celebrate the wine

The old people also return to the groom’s wine, Say some blessings about “Best married, early-born, and old-fashioned”, and the joyful laughter in the festive hall. That night, two boys and boys were sleeping in the groom’s bed “press”, and a red envelope was placed in the corner of the quilt as a thank-you fee for the boys.

Wedding, wedding, wedding - rural guys are different Wedding!

Opening – serving”

The bride’s team arrived at the bride’s house in the morning of the wine After that, the groom’s family will send a red envelope to the bride’s partners in order to carry the bride out. After the bride receives the bridegroom’s house, she must cross the brazier, meaning that the evil spirits should not be brought into the door. After the bride comes, the bridegroom’s family is booming; then, to send the relatives to worship the tea, first to respect the tea, and then to sugar the tea, indicating that the first bitter sweet.

Wedding, Wedding, Wedding - Rural Boys Wedding!

Steamed steamed rice, glutinous rice, whitened, elbow, etc.

The next step is the chapel In the marriage, in the arrangement of the wedding host, worship the heavens and the earth, worship the high church, the husband and wife worship, the bride and groom respectively give the bridegroom parents a tea ceremony, the bridegroom parents happily give blessings, send the bride a red envelope, the bride is sent in a blessing Cave house.

Wedding, wedding, wedding - rural guys are different Wedding!

New bed in a wedding room separated by a red line

The banquet of the day is based on local customs Some, at three o’clock in the afternoon, some four banquets, banquet banquet in the courtyard of their own dam. According to the personnel situation, a round of pendulum 15-20 tables, three rounds; banquet generally 16 – 18 dishes, chicken, duck, fish, pork, beef … rich in dishes; liquor, beer, drinks The guests enjoyed it; the adults and children were very happy, and the wedding scene was very lively. That night, the wedding ended in a burst of humor, joy, and amused laughter.

Wedding, wedding, wedding - rural guys are different Wedding!

Welcome to the bride’s wedding team

A sweet joy in life– The wedding of the country boy ended in the sound of loud firecrackers, people’s clinking, blessings, and laughter.

Happy couples are happy to marry!