What can we learn from European Dog Culture

Children are especially vulnerable to biting dogs, but they are not limited to exotic dogs. Many children are bitten by a familiar dog at home. This has little to do with the dog and much to do with the baby. Teaching family and friends & # 39; s when and if it is not okay to keep your dog busy ensures everyone is present and feels safe, including your dog.

Dr. Todd said, "It is important to note that if a dog is resting (sitting or lying down), the child will not come near them because it is a common condition for young children to be bitten; instead we have to call them a dog, and not carefully inspecting them when they have a dog.

The way we teach our dogs has a huge impact on their quality of life and adapting to new situations. Unfortunately, dog training in the United States is not a regulated industry. Anyone can call themselves dog trainers and start reporting to people without any knowledge or extensive experience, using whatever method they choose, regardless of whether it is science-based or not.

Dog training takes time, and dogs learn best when we use reward-based training methods that gently help and encourage dogs by rewarding good behavior. Studies have shown that the use of Flexible processes – such as laser leashka electrical or electronic equipment – the risk to dogs, including the risk of insecurity, anxiety, and aggression, "said Dr. Todd. Good reinforcement prevents these risks and works well.

People you need to quickly learn about what nature looga eeyahayadooda particularly vulnerable are empty promises from managers who are not eligible, coaches use forms-based pain and forced.

Unfortunately, we know that many dog ​​owners use a variety of methods, and dog training is not regulated, so it is important that dog owners learn more about how to train dogs. Dr. Todd says.

For example, depression tragic, sometimes called e-collars or electronic units, has been banned in the UK, but it is legal in the United States. If you are hiring a dog trainer, be sure to ask questions not only about the trainer's experiences but also his or her knowledge or training style.