What did Lindsey Graham do? What is it & # 39; Rock Star & # 39;

His artwork, the spine structure – "Boy, you all want the power – God, I hope you never get it," unfortunately – it was declared "Night Night Live." But Mr. Trump loves it.

"Wow! Remember me to make you crazy," Mr Graham told Sabahi, referring to a private call, Senator said.

Mr. Graham became a "citizen of the nation, also known as & # 39; conservatives overnight," said Newt Gingrich, a spokesman for the House of Representatives, which is why the Missouri was on Monday, and won voters Republican Josh Hawley, and the attorney general who tried to elect Senator McCaskill, who has been working for 12 years.

It was the seventh place in 13 states that also took Mr. Graham from Indiana to campaign for another parliamentarian, Senator Joe Donnelly, on Thursday.

"Now it is a rock star," said Todd Graves, chairman of the Republican Party of Missouri. "Aside from the president or vice-president, may be the most powerful one we can get."

Mr. Graham, one of the people living in Chesterfield, announced that he is more embarrassed by the threat of his speech on the presidential election campaign in 2016 – "If I got 99% of the vote, I'd beat it!" Mr Trump said – and their new friendship.

He then raped her. McCaskill: "Claire, it's true, big things are in the wrong team."

And: "The goal of Claire is to talk to one another and vote for another. She clearly understands that Trump has won the last 19 points."

And when: "When he needed it, Claire was always there, when Trump needed? AWOL."

When he finished, Mr Graham was one of the most loved ones, including many women who were waiting for him to come up with him. More than a dozen of them were gathered around the Senate, which raised the camcorder, holding it tight, as it had wet his sunshine.