What Do We Know About the & # 39; Covid-19 & # 39; ee C.D.C.

That is not the case with the Covid-19. So far, more than 25.7 million people worldwide have died and 857,920 have died. With the prospect of many more infections to come, the rapid delivery of a safe and effective vaccine is becoming increasingly urgent.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told public health agencies last week that a limited amount of vaccine will be available from the end of October or November, although this will only happen if the vaccine is shown to be safe. effective. According to documents sent by the agency to public health offices, about two million of what C.D.C. Marked A vaccine – most likely the Pfizer vaccine – will be available by the end of October, with 10 to 20 million doses likely to be available by November, and 20 to 30 million by the end of December.

The C.D.C. said the other possible vaccine, Vaccine B – which corresponds to the details of the Moderna vaccine – could have about 1 million doses available in October, 10 million by November, and 15 million by December. Each of the vaccines requires two effective doses.

Neither Pfizer nor Moder have answered questions about DCC & # 39; s recent guidelines.

Documents sent to public health agencies, C.D.C. said certain groups will have priority, ranging from health care workers, essential personnel (such as police officers or those working in key industries such as food production), to the "national security population," and to staff and residents of care centers over time. -some as nursing homes.

These priority groups include millions of people. Games in the past week in the Advisory Board of the culture vaccine in CDC, officer hay & # 39; Agency has presented a video showing that the United States, there are an estimated 17 to 20 million health workers, 60 to 80 million key staff and up to 53 million people over 65.

On Wednesday, the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine unveiled a 114-page plan, organized by the C.D.C. and the National Institutes of Health, which have proposed a four-phase, priority system.

Probably not. In addition to Moderna and Pfizer, there are 34 other vaccines in clinical trials around the world. There are more than 90 other vaccines that have been proven to be in experimental clinical trials. Next year, 69 of them are scheduled to undergo medical tests.