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The web site is a company that displays the necessary services and technologies that allow you to view the website. The hosting service saves on its customers' web pages. Choosing the web host that is right for your needs is a 'go' & '39' decision that should be made individually and individually. It relates to the purpose of the service you need; is your small business website or the beginning, or a moderate or bigger organization?

About Hostpapa

Based on Toronto, Canada, Hostpapa web hosting has provided a variety of hosting services since its establishment in 2006. An independent company with a friendly atmosphere primarily targeting small business owners. With regard to the type of targeted customers, Hostpapa offers a simple new site for the new site.

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However, their data centers are located in Canada and North America, targeting international people in various locations, including Europe, Australia, India, Hong Kong, etc. In fact, Hostpapa seems to be more efficient on providing border services because they provide multilingual customer support.

Hostpapa plan

The Web hosting service provides three packages: Premier, Business, and Business Pro. The common types of three are free registration, unlimited bandwidth with key features, including free website transfer, one-on-one training, cloudLinux servers, 24/7 support, etc. The Starter Plan is suited to a personal, basic or blog page; It gives you two pages and 100 disk space. Business Intelligence Business Plans However, unlimited storage is for files / websites only, not data transfer such as email and computer files. In addition, there are very high features including unlimited advertisements, email accounts, and MYSQL database. Pro Business has additional performance and enhancement security.

Still you know that the web hosting company offers a fantastic discount on the three plans & # 39; registrations per month. Starting and trading prices have declined to $ 4 for the usual price, almost $ 8 and $ 13. Pro-Business Cost is $ 12.95 after 35% off.

Now, let's see the increase and decrease of the Hostpapa hosting service.

Faa & i;

1 An independent company

If you prefer local services, special services that are not owned by larger companies, then Hostpapa is a good choice for you. To find an independent and independent company, make sure you have the necessary expertise and the history of success to guarantee the effective service.

2 99.9% time goes by & nbsp;

A 99.9% early time ensures your website / website will always be available. This process is contained in all Hostpapa plans. The peak time is an important consideration to be considered when selecting the web host.

3 Speed ​​fast at fast

However, the speed of the page is not limited to the server speed, it is important to consider. Hostpapa's search for Time to First Byte (TTFB) shows a remarkable improvement in service speed service.

4 Site equipment and start-up services

The company provides its services without the development of various expert websites that help with the tools to make their website unusual. Provides their modern user-friendly website using hundreds of professional designs. Using drag-and-drop attributes, you can create and set up a website quickly and effortlessly. The website hosting site also offers video trips and nearly 2500 articles to inform users how to access the maximum number of hosts. Additional help is needed to write one-to-one training for 30 minutes with one of the company's experts.

5 Good review

User review is, in doubt, a major indicator of the quality of service offered. Therefore, watching them should be part of your research when you are looking for the hosting service on the web. And in HostPapa case, the customer reviews on their website is good. Together with previous customer service and services, it seems that Hostpapa is providing better customer service.

6 Complete services

Hostpapa offers a range of high quality services, including domain registration, email, design services, etc. The domain registrar, pay the cost, compared to many other services.

7 Cheap and cheap prices

Hostpapa is a recognized greenhouse service; They were a lead company in the green energy web hosting. Unlike the prices of local hostages, Hostpapa's services are generally inexpensive. In addition, the discounts offered by all their plans are very competitive. However, it is important to carefully review each plan, so you can choose one of your needs. For example, do not go to the previous plan if you are looking for unlimited websites and websites; However, it may seem fitting for you as a financially, its hosting service is limited to two web pages and 100 disk space.

8 A 30-day guarantee

To release any worries you feel you are not going to attend the correct hosting service, Hostpapa offers their 30-day sponsorship guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the service, tell the company within the timeframe. The full refund applies to two services: share as well as river flows; does not include a listing list, domain name registration, or cost transfer.

9 Protection of security

Web hosting service provides a service to all users as a security guard toxins, the computer automatically removed looga, Panda Cloud anti-spam, regular basis. Additional security enhancement is available through the Pro Commercial Process, including an SSL certificate for their information and visitor web pages that have been protected from the risk.


1 No transcripts were found for Operation and Business

Automated nutrition can not be obtained free of Starter and Business plans. Some other companies directly pay for a non-cash transfer.

2 There is an additional surplus available

However, Hostpapa's 30-day guarantee period is a great deal of service, while other companies pay for more than 45 days, sometimes even 90 days.

3 The site builder is not free

Website generator offers free resources; However, additional services such as Facebook's website will require a record-keeping fee.

Choosing the website for your website must be a 'goose', not a fictional one. Go to the Web site which is well known, such as Hostpapa; tolerate and conduct cautions with the host company that you plan to deal with. It is also important to know your needs clearly so that you can get the right plan for you.

Check Hostpapa latest and plans …