What is insurance? Insurance is dignity

What is insurance? Insurance is dignity

What is insurance, insurance is dignity. Why do we say this, let us give an example to illustrate; assuming a married woman suffers from a serious illness, the hospital concluded that it can be completely treated, but the cost is 200,000.

We can imagine that this middle-aged woman will not have more than three family members:

1, the family’s annual income is 10,000 yuan. The relatives and friends who have no savings at home are not very wealthy. His husband has spent a lot of money to borrow only 20,000 yuan. In the end, she had to choose to give up treatment. Her husband and relatives must make this decision. It must be helpless. It must be painful and feel that they have not fulfilled their responsibilities. Even this incident will affect him for a lifetime and will become a pain forever. Do you think that living people will have dignity in this situation? The party itself has to give up treatment because there is not enough money, or interrupt treatment in the middle, can only choose to wait for the end of life in pain, do you think she will have dignity?

2. The family’s annual income is 50,000, and the savings of 100,000 families will take all the savings out for treatment. The family is good and can borrow money. In this case, the person has no dignity. Faced with a lot of debts, owing a lifetime of human feelings and economic debts, family harmony is good, if you quarrel, you will complain, and even more people do not have dignity. Because I spent a lot of money at once, I have to save money in my family, and my quality of life has dropped significantly. Do you think that as a client, when you receive treatment, will you have no guilt in your heart? Even if it is cured, she will always I feel that I have dragged the family’s hind legs. Do you think she can have dignity?

3, family annual income of 150,000, investment savings of 200,000, this situation will certainly come out to treat 200,000, but the money invested suddenly, the original 300,000 can be carried out The investment can be increased by 50% or even doubled in three years. Now it is all used as medical expenses. Do you think that the parties will feel at ease when receiving treatment? Therefore, only insurance can let the parties feel at ease, and the whole family has dignity. From this perspective, insurance is dignity.

What is insurance? Insurance is dignity

There is a reason you must understand —–

Let 100 become 101 and call the bank,

make 100 into 110 Call investment,

Let 100 become 10000 that is called insurance!

A person has a lifelong ability, two things can not be controlled: that is disease and accident!

When you are lying in a hospital bed! It may be a friend who gives you 500 yuan!

Send you 3,000 yuan may be relatives!

Send you 10,000 yuan may be brothers and sisters!

Send you 20,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan is the parents and children,

but send you 100,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan, 500,000 yuan, 1 million yuan … and do not have to Only insurance companies!

Friends, parents, relatives, brothers and sisters are not wrong, because each has to live, every family has a difficult year!

The wrong thing is that he is too confident that the risk does not happen to him!

The wrong thing is that he didn’t plan ahead!

The wrong thing is that he blocked the insurance business people out of the door!

What is insurance? Insurance is dignity

Insurance is when the risk comes, the four and two pounds of snow to send charcoal, a lifetime of peace, to the old age of the icing on the cake. It’s a second partner who lives with you forever, and is absolutely loyal! Have insurance, have dignity!

There are several keys that can open your door. Why don’t you stay on your body? What are you outside of your home? Because you are afraid of losing! This is called risk diversification! Even if you know that you can’t use the money today, you still have some money, why? Everyone will have a common reason: in case… this is ready! There is zero and full money on the door, and the whole money is going to do big things, and the change is on the bus. This is called reasonable planning!

Insurance is simple, life is everywhere!

If you compare the three major finances to a meal:

The stock is meat, and occasionally eat and dissolve the body, eat more, try?

The bank is a staple food. If you don’t eat anything, you have to have a white bowl of white rice, but only this is not a complete meal!

Insurance is a vegetable, yes, you can’t eat it, but if you don’t have it, it will be easy for the body to go wrong after a long time!

Think about how to eat every day, and know how to distribute financial instruments!

What is insurance? Insurance is dignity

Women, when someone sells insurance to your husband, don’t stop, because if one day she really can’t take care of you, you know him. How much I love you!

Men compatriots, when someone sells insurance to your wife, you must not stop, because when you are old, only she will come out and spend it with you! Insurance is so simple and simple!

(Promotion insurance is my job, buying insurance is your responsibility to your family!)