What is the need for a civil service exam? What is the relationship?

Civil Service Exam Needs Need relationship? What relationship is needed?

After the national test season, there will always be many key hot words in the public test season, such as fierce competition, certain positions The competition was fiercely recruited and reported 1584, for example, the hottest for the exam, and the top ten rankings for the national exam. At this time, it seems that there are many different rankings in the martial arts competition. For example, in order to test the civil servant rankings, the list is famous for employment difficulties, welfare benefits are good, stable, and the mother-in-law likes it. These reasons are basically the most frequently occurring vocabulary. It is said that civil servants are under competitive pressure, so what are they in? Then let’s take a look at the following set of data.

Does the civil service exam need to be related? What is the relationship? ?

The 2017 National Civil Service Recruitment Examination is held in more than 900 test sites in 47 cities in 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), with nearly 100,000 students. The invigilator, patrol and examination staff provide examination services for candidates. According to statistics, more than 120 central authorities and their affiliated institutions and institutions under the Civil Service Law have reported 27,000 recruitment plans, and 1,486,300 people passed the qualification examination of the recruitment agencies, and 1.137 million people confirmed their participation. In the written test, 984,000 people actually took the test, the reference rate was about 86.58%, and the ratio of the number of participants to the number of candidates was about 36:1. I am afraid that this data is not afraid of the small partners. The number of public examinations per year is more than normal. It is nothing more than how many times.

There is a topic in the exam, especially the civil service exam, which is a topic that everyone can’t talk about. That is to say whether the civil servant has a relationship or not, what is the relationship? Next, let’s take a look at the whole process of the public examination?

Everyone should know how to make a mistake in the examination paper. It is almost the same as the college entrance examination in a place where the environment is better and isolated. At the very least, this piece of security is still there.

In the form of exams, the names are sealed when the written test papers are written. Then the review teacher does not know who you are. Even if you have a relationship with you, there are so many test papers that need to be corrected, almost a few minutes. A set of test papers is gone, then you have a relationship with people, he has no time to pay attention to the test paper is yours, the teacher will generally be tired after the test papers are changed, then the teacher is in a mood slowly I will correct the test paper to determine who you are. So the written test is practical. How much can you test? That is your ability, so there is no such thing as a slap in the written test.

Seeing that there are questions from the small partners here? What about the interview? At the interview, at least face to face knowing that it is the one. If there is a relationship, it will be used. The amount will be explained to you in the next small series.

The first aspect of the interview is now usually an off-site examiner or an off-site test. And the examiner’s words will generally come over at the end, you can know that the examiner is from that place, then in this case, how do you find a relationship? Before the interview, you need to draw lots, take the test, draw the examiner, you and the examiner Can’t be sure in that test room, in this case, the friends should be relieved.

Besides, the interview examiner is generally the director of another unit. I have worked hard to get to this step, and I will not make such mistakes. Especially if I am still unfamiliar, I will ask who will be others. Sacrifice yourself? Not so familiar, especially in this respect.

If you have a relationship, it will be reflected only after entering the unit. It will be taken care of more or less. This is inevitable.

Other exam editors dare not say that at least the current public examination is still fair and fair. The 2018 National Civil Service Examination will begin on October 30th, and the written test will be held on December 10th. Let’s get ready, take the time to prepare for the exam, and don’t spend time thinking about these aspects.

Does the civil service exam need to be related? What is the relationship? ?