What to do on a holiday

If you are lucky enough to be out of work today, the most important thing on your list is to really a rest day. Studies have shown that people only post 40 percent less on Mondays compared to regular Monday. (Thank you, smartphones and tablets.) Not only that, but taking the time to rest your mind and recover “literally makes us more creative, better at solving problems, better at dealing with it. we would not come up with creative ideas. ”

So, great, we are all in a working environment and ready to enjoy the day. But what to do? Here are some suggestions on how to best take a day off.

So yes, you are busy, we are busy, we are busy ourselves. But if you are taking a break today, be aware of all this logic. Being busy – if not even me it is busy – rarely is an indicator of the level we believe to be. However, the effects are real, and examples of fatigue, anxiety disorders and stress-related disorders are rising. Read more "

When was the last time you were honest about yourself in your career and if you were doing what you are divided to be done? If you like most people, maybe not soon. A regular employee spends around 80,000 hours working during her life, so if you are in the wrong job that can mean tens of thousands of hours spent on something that you don't even care about, you feel very uncomfortable. little is your love. Read more "

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