What to Expect From Ptown's First Journey

We can't stop kissing. I watched him, my friend, as we drove to Boston and headed for the fast boat. Arriving at Provincetown was not difficult, but it was also not easy. There were many steps to Provincetown from NYC. But as we walked through Boston on our way to the port, I saw him smiling and couldn't help but smile.

As soon as we picked up our speedboat tickets for our dog, we would be queuing for the boat, the excitement was unexpected. Nothing about the wind of that sea, then the ship goes through the Harbor Islands until we leave the open sea. Nine minutes to Provincetown and we were dropping in on paper towels, and with advice from boat guards, our excitement was overwhelming.

We were on the way to Provincetown for the first time. (I used to be: but for lunch).

Provincetown is a coastal city on the lower coast of Cape Cod. It is where the pilgrimage first landed in the Mayflower in 1620, before finally reaching the famous Plymouth Rock.

A long home to artists, artists, writers, and all kinds of creators and performers, Provincetown seems to have always been a place for the LGBTQ community. A safe place to create and just be. It was famous for its exciting and independent city as far as I knew.

But other than a city famous for its & # 39; LGBTQ-inclusction & # 39 ;, its art, and its beaches, I don't know much to expect. From the time we boarded the boat to Provincetown, though, it was clear that this place would not look like any other place. Everyone seemed happy and happy.

By the time we got off the boat, we were already Provincetown fans. You can feel other people's will in this ahaaneyso temporary. That joy has been with us all week.

Provincetown for the first time

Things You Know About Visitors For the First Time

When to visit Provincetown

Because it is a city famous for its arts and culture, there seems to be something to do every week of the year, but in the summer, several major events make the city more popular.

That means higher hotel prices and fewer streets, but these events may be worth it. Whether it’s family week, Carnival (the biggest event of the year), Bear Bear, or lesbian week (Splash), there’s something for everyone in Provincetown, almost any time of the year, too.

What to wear

In summer, Provincetown is hot and thankfully it is not so wet. But with so many queens and festivals literally every night of the week, it's important to have a lewk while in Provincetown.

Close clothes entertainment events as well as regular clothes for the beach, do not be afraid to show some skin! Treatment ceremonies take place at different gay bars, such as skinny nights and costume parties, so you'll need to be ready. But don’t worry if you aren’t! Because there are so many shops in Provincetown that sell recreational products that can be easily replaced; La Rue House is my favorite.

Courtesy of Stowaway Guesthouse

At the place

Provincetown is a small town with many major events, yet finding a place to live has never been more difficult. There are a large number of large hotel properties, but many of Provincetown's unique accommodation options are really bed-and-breakfast types. With so many beautiful homes and apartments in the area, many have turned into a beautiful hotel & b & # 39; s.

Some hotels are directly on Commercial Street – the main attraction in Provincetown. While this is a great site, any of the surrounding streets or intersections are equally spacious and much more tranquil.

Here are some helpful tips for traveling to Provincetown if it's your first time!

Provincetown First-Class Travel Guide

1. Fasten the fast boats ahead

There are several ways to get to Provincetown, but the easiest is the quick boat from Boston. No rental car needed! During the summer months, fast packers perform several times a day, taking about 90 minutes each way. Because of limited seats and departure times, it is wise to book your emergency tickets in advance.

There are two companies that serve Provincetown from Boston on a 90-minute boat: Boston Harbor Cruises and Bay State Cruise Company. Prices are comparative. At BHC, there is a consulate on board to help with any travel advice, but the boat also has about 500 passengers, while the Bay State Cruise runs a small boat with almost no passengers. 1/5 passengers.

2. Provincetown is you homosexual

Well, that's no surprise to most visitors Provincetown, but Ptown is a very nice, welcoming district. Gay history as a hobby and then it becomes a very long time, the city will always serve as a looga find those veterans was.

Growing theaters and the arts community throughout the 20th century made it a permanent destination in the summer. This dates back to the 1920s and 1930s when the city was a type of Art Gallery. Since the 1970s and 1980s, LGBTQ annual festivals (including the famous Provincetown Carnival each August) have brought many LGBTQ trips.

3. You need to rent a bike

Yes, Provincetown is a very small coastal city. In fact, there is only a 4-way intersection with the city lights! And it is totally walkable, especially if you live in the city. But there is a certain pleasure in using a bike to walk. Especially because Commercial Road (the city's main highway) allows two-way traffic (as well as a one-way traffic to cars, as well as a pedestrian!).

For a Provincetown bicycle rental, getting closer is much easier – and enjoyable. Additionally you can & # 39; s able to explore bicycle routes to Provincetown and around Cape Cod National Seashore. There are a lot of bicycle rentals in the city, but I have used them Ptown Bicycle On my last trip and I loved how the bike rides – so quiet and comfortable!

4. Best lobster roll & # 39; is The Canteen

Disagreements to make a statement like this on a blanket like this, but listen to me. Being a coastal city (less than Cape), you will need to find amazing fish food everywhere, but after much review and discussion, I decided to find the best lobster. Canteen.

Sure, you can find the same New England-style lobster from other Provincetown flights, but the one & # 39; The Canteen & # 39; it is unique. First it is sweet and amazingly full of lobster meat. But for the second time, Build & # 39; Canteen & # 39; it is beautiful. It's sandy, right on the beach (and with a beach access), and the perfect place to sleep. Oh, and the Brussels blooms were good, too!

5. Everyone loves Bear Week

So, I've never been to Provincetown during Bear Week, but it doesn't matter who you meet: they have to tell you that. There may be some type of city ordinance that requires everyone to say one good thing about a July event once a day, or something, because everyone is talking about it. Before I even planned my trip to Provincetown, many traveling friends myself suggested that I plan my vacation around Bear Week.

Here's what about Provincetown Bear Week. Like a 9-day feast, the word of the street says the city is the city friendship Celebrations. Since the city is already famous for being inclusive and welcoming, apparently during Bear Week, the city is out and both locals and tourists love it.

6. Visit the world

Of all the touristy things to do in Provincetown, the most obvious is a tour of the sandy soil. There is only one company walking into the national airport, and they have been doing it for decades.

Art Tour of & # 39; Artune Dune Tours & # 39; is a unique and unique experience where you learn about the history, culture, and ecology of the national park for a small group tour. Because of its original history, the Cape Cod area has been safely protected. There are even 19 different dungeon packages still in the park, and it is not impossible for them to visit them, it is possible to rent during the summer months as part of the artist & residence program.

7. Order a Believe at the Coulip Shaa Dance & # 39;

In the summer, there is a daily event that literally shows everyone up, and this is called & # 39; Dancelip Tea Dance & # 39 ;. It's on Resort Resort, right on the seafront, the pool area and pool turn into an art gallery each afternoon at 4pm. It is an outdoor dance festival that is famous for its high energy, great crowds, and beautiful people. The best part is the city's most popular social event and a great place to make friends and meet new people.

FYI: This is a cash only, so the atmosphere is electric, you want to use some money. Fortunately there is a way to approach the Tea Party budget. If you drink alcohol, order an antique bar; it is very strong (they even shed extra digestion on the grass) and you will only need two during the party. Tea Dance is a great place to start the evening, and runs seven days a week!

8. Visit the art gallery

Provincetown has always had a close relationship with the arts community. As the artist sounds, it is no wonder that there are so many independent small-town artists in the city. Don't be afraid to come in or out because you may be surprised by what you get!

Many of Provincetown's art galleries are located in the East End, Commercial Road. Start by visiting the Provincetown Arts Association and Museum (PAAM) to learn about the local arts community.

9. Go to the beach

Duh. You are in the Cape and surrounded by a beach. There are many beaches in the city center, directly off Commercial Street, but because it is also the harbor area, it is not the cleanest water. Most Provincetown visitors are directed towards the vast beaches of Herring Cove Beach and Race Point Beach. They are easily accessible if you have a bicycle, or also a parking garage.

10. There is so much to do!

As a small town, there is so much to see and do in Provincetown – enough to fill the months of activities! That is why you will see many tourists choosing to stay in Provincetown for a week (or two).

And there are many other people, especially artists and actors, who plan all summer while staying in Ptown. And it's easy to see why!

There is so much to do!

There are not too many tourist cities to surprise me, but on a long trip to Provincetown, I was immediately caught. Ability, interest, and the joy of everyone in the city. The ease of rotation, and the super queer atmosphere, makes Provincetown truly unique and special.

It's the kind of place that will surprise you. It will surpass all expectations, as in most places, it is the people you meet that make this the best. And the people in Provincetown: they seem to be always happy and happy, happy to share their hometown.

My visit to Provincetown is sponsored and sponsored by the city. Find more travel tips for Ptown on their tour website. Additional LGBTQ tips and guidance from the city were produced by the Provincetown Business Guild.