What You Need to Know About the California Attack (and How to Help)

The three major firefighters are now tearing up in California, and firefighters work every hour to fight the mortar. Together, the fire has burnt more than 207,000 hectares, killing 31 people, according to Cal Fire and CNN. Here are some things you need to know about the fire, and how to support fire extinguishers and their lost homes.

The collapsed car is located in Paradise, California after Camp Fire passed. Mason Trinca's Washington Post / Getty

  • The largest fire brigade, Camp Fire, is located in the Butte district of northern California, approximately 100 miles north of Sacramento. The fire burned 111,000 acres and destroyed 6,000 buildings – including many in the city of Paradise, which almost completely destroyed the fire. 29 people were killed in the only fire, Cal Calm said that the fire was only 25 percent.
  • The two other fires are located outside of Los Angeles, and 91,572 acres, the Woolsey Fire is the biggest of these two. She burned in the surrounding areas around Malibu and said two people died, and Cal Fire estimated that it had destroyed 370 buildings, including famous houses such as Neil Young and Gerard Butler. Now there are 20 percent.
  • The smallest fires are Hill Fire, located north of Woolsey, and docked at 4,531 acres and destroyed two buildings. Firefighters brought up to 75 percent.
  • The causes of the three fire fires are still being investigated, but they all started November 8.
  • Cal Fire hopes that Hill Fire and Wollers are on November 15, and Camp Fire, including November 30.
natural cyclone in California
Fire Extinguishers in California, California. Justin Sullivan / Getty

california storms
Burn Fire Homes in Camp Fire in northern California. Justin Sullivan / Getty

However, fireworks will not be easy. And more than 7,800 firefighters were battling the explosive region, humidity & # 39; I and strong winds have helped to catch fire by all three fire especially damaging. According to the Cal Fire Declaration, "staff will continue to fight for the displacement, restrictive restrictions, excessive fires," working in the fire for the next few weeks.

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A parked garden in Malibu Lake, California. Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times from Getty

Fire extinguishers and firefighters came from California and across the country, but there are other ways to help with the fire fighting. If you are looking to support firefighters and fire victims, here are some organizations to consider the grant, such as New York Times and Support:

california storms
Camp Fire burns near Oroville, California, Justin Sullivan / Getty