When cooking is the art of enjoying it

Cooking is definitely the art and space for those really enjoying cooking. Places seem to bring their kitchen to the idea of ​​free kitchens that bring together those who like to eat good food, become a great place to sit, and have space in light. The person responsible for this project, which was recently created, was W4 Arquitetura Criativa under the direction of professionalism Camila Pigatto, Fernanda Sá, and Laura Tavares.

Exercise with a relaxing space

It has an area of ​​35 square meters and is located in Três Figueiras, Porto Alegre, Brazil. As a lasting solution, the metal walls of the wall serve as a custom raft of space used in the construction stage, avoiding the elimination and the waste of the substances. The walls with an angle of liver are made in plastic bags.

Small hole in the rest
Large kitchen area

Other items that are considered to be sustainable are the presence of orchard that serves as a raw material for the preparation of dishes at the site, using natural plants from direct seed.

Kitchen counter with equipment
Delaying the revised wall
Delaying the revised wall
At the top of the garden