When the baby is born, it cannot be held by these three people.

The baby is coming to this beautiful world, and friends and family will come to visit. Out of love for the baby, some people will take the initiative to ask the child, mother must know that the newborn is not full moon, do not let these three people hold, the relationship is not good.

 When the baby is born, it can't be held by these three people, and the relationship is no better.

1, A person who has a cold

The newborn baby has poor resistance and is not resistant to external bacteria. If you have a person with a cold, it is easy to spread to your baby. So be sure not to let the person with a cold hold the baby.

Second, people who smoke regularly

People who smoke regularly, these people have a lot of oral bacteria, and when the baby’s breathing enters the body, it hurts the baby’s body, so don’t let Smoking people hold, even if they are fathers, it will not work.

Three, younger brother and sister

The baby’s spine and cervical vertebrae are not full, the head is very fragile, and when the baby is uncomfortable, it will move, let other children hold the meeting. Because the baby is not hurting properly.