When You Want to Cook but Have Another Baby, Hide the microwave

Tara O & # 39; Brady, author of "Seven Spoons" and a mother of 11- and 13-year-old boys, uses straight oil to make quick soups. They are all exposed to lightning speed in a clean environment, especially one that works on cooking, she said. The rest of the dinner may have been baked with cheese bread, but there is a homemade table, sweet soup to go with, and I feel like this is a success. I don't really cook the contents.)

Paper shops can also double their baking duties and make a light dinner. Emily Weinstein, deputy editor of the New York Times Food section and editor of NYT Cooking, has a 21-month-old daughter. Ms. Weinstein will collect vegetables and protein in one pan (she recommends this recipe for squash panher and sausages to be served with cheese or shrimp), or cook the carrots in one pan and steak on the other (she also recommends it). the four) a simple-style snack for meatballs). We recommend the Nordic Ware-half-sheet pot, if you are looking for good ones.

On the nights when cooking something special, take advantage of the effort by doing more to cool it down. I always try to make two Bolognese batches, bacon, or falafel, or simply cooked beans in their soup, ”says Ms OBrady. “Quinoa, pasta, and cereal also keep it well in the fridge. I will cook a second chicken, or plan something extra when I acknowledge the meat and vegetables that are cool or well kept. ”

Frozen dinners definitely increase the foods you make. I like the coolers or pre-prepared or Trader Joe's tamales or buy, wrap, and freeze, our big local vendors, ”Ms. said. Copeland. "These are two things I serve once a month every month that feel like a complete night of rest." Cooling your favorite foods can help promote even the simplest foods. Ms. Téllez makes a good example of a crime scene near her home in Queens, N.Y., and then grazing well as needed.

At those times when you don’t have a dinner plan, try to learn a few dishes that you can always fall behind. Ms. Téllez, that means hot dogs are wrapped and wrapped in a drug roll called & # 39; Pillsbury & # 39;, served with ketchup and mustard & # 39; eg, with green chips or spinach salad. on the side. Mr. No, that is generally the size of aglio e olio – pasta mixed with garlic oil and olive oil – plus any vegetables that are handy. Ms. At Weinstein, it's a classic breakfast: "My now-and-for-all-day snack is tossed eggs in toast. It is one of my favorite foods and I can always do it, no matter how tired I am. ”

Dinner does not always need to be cooked. I rely on grazing, platelet foods at least once a week, and more in the summer, Ms. Ms. says. Copeland. This allows me to get out on all the tasks – meat, cheeses, cookies, vegetables, chips, olives, bread, meat, or whatever we have every day – new patterns and precautions that always turn into something delightful – the whole meal. "

At night when you really don't have energy – maybe the child is sick, or you are late for work – it's important to budget, especially if it will reduce your stress level. I try to go out one day a week when I order it, ”Ms. Téllez. I just have a rest day which is really good. I try to have a Wednesday or Thursday, when I'm in the hall.