Where suspects Nagalaan Dear NYC: LGBTQ-friendly hotels in NYC

New York Pride is the world's largest LGBTQ celebration. The annual event in June commemorates the Stonewall riots that mark the beginning of the modern LGBTQ rights movement. Because New York City is where most of it started, the pace of pride here is different than anywhere else.

In 2019, celebrating 50 years from Stonewall, NYC Pride is the host of the LGBTQ World Pride event. Four million tourists are expected to flock to the city meaning this year's event will be crowded – but exciting!

Gay Hotels in NYC

Find a cool hotel where you can stay during Pride in my guide to some of the best LGBTQ friendly hotels in NYC.

Arlo SoHo courtyard

Where to stay SoHo

SoHo is one of my favorite neighborhoods in NYC. Lower Manhattan, is easily available looga most other neighborhoods in the underground, and low buildings offer a view of the sky above.

SoHo is very exciting for many bars and restaurants, too. Some of the hotel bars at SoHo are really popular with locals – though tourists and visitors are also welcome.

Arlo SoHo offers bike rentals

Arlo Hotel

With one of Soho's top bars, a hip hobby & café, and an excellent on-site restaurant called Harolds, the Arlo Hotel is one of the best places to stay during NYC Pride week.

What is it during NYC pride? As part of the Worldwide Mire Project, the Arlo SoHo hotel has a large LGBTQ mirror on the interior wall of their park. Mualim celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Revolution and the half-century of LGBTQ independence.

Arlo SoHo roof terrace

Rooms are small in the hotel, but the amenities on site are huge. The roof terrace attracts locals and tourists alike, and the vast open space in the hall makes it easy to meet others.

Where to Stay in Times Square

Times Square often invites noise and pain from New Yorkkers. They are a crowded and disturbed crowd of chaos, which is essentially central Manhattan, easy to avoid.

Image taken from W New York – Times Square

The issue is, though, that it is indeed a beautiful and valuable site. From Times Square, you have almost all the Broadway theaters, shopping (a lot of shopping), and the best-selling image New York, New York.

Even if you've only seen one, it is still worth visiting again. Its central location and tall buildings make it one of the best places to stay in all of New York City.

W New York – Times Square

Located in central Manhattan and close to Times Square (literally), this luxurious hotel has a very nice bar (even if it's a window & # 39; not) where it hosts regular LGBTQ events.

In recent years, Hotels W She is turning out to be an LGBTQ friendly brand by working with LGBTQ creativity and activism as part of the committees & # 39; Queer Me Out & # 39; in their homes in the world. The boards cover everything from dating and acting.

Hotel W

What is it during NYC pride? In addition to being a LGBTQ friendly hotel (within walking distance of the Hells Kitchen gay community), you can even claim a special value during the month of Easter to a chance to join them in pride in NYC.

The service is very good at the hotel and there are two restaurants on the same site. Wifi comes with a fee other than the lounge where it is free.

Caliz Hotel near Times Square

Caliz Hotel

One of the new hotels in NYC & # 39; s Times Square, the Caliz Hotel is also home to Dear Irving – the highest-rated open-air hotel in all of Manhattan 40thth and 41st floors (and with some nice bumper stickers, too!). And a terrific burger joint from Farm to Burger.

Farm to Burger at Aliz Hotel

The views from the main rooms (the rooms facing south even have views of the Empire State Building) and although it resembles a small hotel, the rooms are comfortably extended with great amenities. It is a leather building but very tall, so it may be time to wait for the elevator — but it's worth it because the views are just spectacular.

Caliz Hotel

What is it during NYC pride? A useful pride guide can be found on the website detailing LGBTQ + pride agreements.

Dear Irving Rooftop bar at the Aliz Hotel
Dear Irving Rooftop bar at the Aliz Hotel

Where to stay Nomad

NoMad is a cool name for a Manhattan district. Basically, “No.rth of Butdison, ”is often called a suburb. Broadway is in the middle of the district just north of Madison Square Park.

The area was formerly a destination for budget retailers, but now in its prime location in Manhattan, it has many luxury hotels and high-quality restaurants. Saturdays and Sundays, it is really quiet because there are not many tourists and too much like Times Square district, the staff are not xafiiskuna.

the pink hotel
Rooms at Redbury Hotel


NoMad District in Manhattan, Redbury it has a beautiful and vibrant design with a touch of music throughout (a historic sound of Tin Pan Alley). There are hotel entrances on both 29th and 30th streets, and bars on both sides.

The Redbury site has a feminist history as well. The building was first opened as a Women's Hotel in 1903, and is the first New York hotel to offer housing for professional women.

What is it during NYC pride? Special pride rates apply to the hotel including welcome drinks at the Roman-site-style location. aperitivi bar, Vini e Fritti. The lobby restaurant, Marta, is part of the Roman specialty of Danny Meyer's & # 39; Union Square Hospitality Group & # 39; – popular restaurant & bar cleaners all over the city.

James Hotel at NoMad

Jacob – NoMad

In addition to its central location (appropriate to the prestige of the world), James NoMad the hotel offers guests a happy hour of entertainment including wine and cheese, and a spacious room. The north facing rooms get a good view of the city, but the historic building is beautiful inside and out.

If you can get reservations, try the Scarpetta restaurant at home. The Italian Restaurant serves delicious food and pastas with delicious baked goods and breads and more.

Scarpetta serves a wide variety of high-quality Italian foods

What is it during NYC pride? The hotel is the official sponsor of global pride, and as such, hosts several events to focus on. In collaboration with the Stonewall Community Foundation, the hotel is home to a public exhibition honoring the essence of the LGBTQ community with a focused son & face.

The hotel is also the home of a retail store that is sourced from FEIGN. And if all of the public LGBTQ events that are being publicized are not enough, guests at James's Adult Pack will receive all sorts of special & # 39; special banners, including clothing 2 (X) IST.

James NoMad
The rooms at The James NoMad are spacious

Where you are in Midtown

Midtown is a beautiful and useful term for Manhattan and covers many different areas. But importantly, the Midtown area is part of the city center not in Times Square or Garment County, but instead on equal routes from Central Park to the south to Bryant Park.

There is no shortage of buildings at the top of Midtown and many hotel offers.

Sofitel NYC

The luxury hotel (part of the AccorHotels brand) knows the style just like any other hotel. Those NYC Sofitel a house in Midtown has a beautiful lounge and a restaurant in the house of Gaby Brasserie Fran gurigaaise with a delicious and comfortable meal of French food. (Don't miss the French onion soup!)

What is it during NYC pride? In the world, the Sofitel brand has long been dedicated to LGBTQ travelers. During the Spring and through July, the NYC hotel contributes to its sales during the Proud Hour daily at 8-10pm at the Ali Forney Center that supports LGBTQ youth.

As a special treat to celebrate 50 years to Stonewall, the hotel has also transformed into one of the luxury condos it makes for a stop-over at the & # 39; Cher & # 39; called & # 39; Curis & # 39; in honor of the memory and honor of Cher and The Cher Show.

The range is available through mid-September and includes original prints, Hirschfeld paintings, and costumes The Cher Show. Prices start at $ 499 per night. The Sofitel NYC regularly has rooms called & # 39; Broadway-made & # 39 ;, making it a great option for theater fans.

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Where to stay in Williamsburg (Brooklyn)

Williamsburg is the birthplace of reptiles. Some kind of. It's no wonder it's the best and most fun neighborhood to visit in New York City and Brooklyn, in particular. There are several modern hotels – each with rooftop pools (which come with an entrance fee for non-guests).

Due to its easy transit between Williamsburg and Manhattan via public transport (the location of the über-hipster Bedford on L train), the neighborhood is famous for many modern hotels.

William Vale Hotel Suite
The scene from the corner of the room & # 39; The William Vale & # 39;

William Vale

The heart of Williamsburg hipster, William Vale buildings above the neighborhood with the best views of Manhattan. The hotel has an urban backdrop with an elevated green terrace (with loads of food trucks and lots of street art) open to the public.

What is it during NYC pride? For the Happy Hour, the hotel is hosting several LGBTQ events, including a pre-show festive party, LGBTQ movie nights, as well as events celebrating the building, too! See the full William Vale schedule for details.

The rooms at The William Vale are delicate and beautiful, and stand out among other NYC hotel properties with their modern design that feels fresh. Each room in the house has balconies (write a corner book for the best view) which only makes the whole experience more magical.

Even if you are not planning to stay at a Brooklyn hotel, do not miss the rooftop of Westlight with a spectacular 360-degree view of New York City lines.

Where to Stay in Washington

The downtown Brooklyn and DUMBO area near the Brooklyn Bridge is where most hotels and many of the hotel chains have their Brooklyn homes. The area has undergone a lot of development over the last few years and is the site of most of the towers and tall buildings in the district.

Downtown Brooklyn is one of the best places to stay in Brooklyn because it's very convenient to Manhattan – just 10 to 15 minutes by subway to get to lower Manhattan. Because there are so many tourist spots to be left there, and of course the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Hotel, it's a good base that will be a lot cheaper and spacious than a Manhattan hotel.

The flow

Located minutes from Brooklyn Bridge, DUMBO and Barclays Center, The flow it is a truly authentic hotel in downtown Brooklyn where guests can enjoy the original Brooklyn experience.

In the open-air room, the centerpiece of modern art design is immediately inviting – only aided by the twist-off game. On the second floor of the conference hall, the small bar inside is comfortable and cool (with large bumps on the cocktail cocktails). But the real attraction of the space is the great outdoors – great for groups!

Tillary Library is a fun and fun place to go

Why not stay in NYC Pride? If you are looking for a budget space with great design and a location that is easy to reach for all the proud events, Tillary is the perfect hotel choice.

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