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What is known as the Pharaoh's Pilgrimage to Egypt

As women traveling, it's important to look at the complexity of security and what it really is "safe." We always talk about safe places – the best places to go (like a gal) and the best places to go can be explored alone.

But, things can get easier when you really are there.

It is important to understand that safety is not the same comfort. Just because a “safe” place does not mean that you are not exposed to different cultural traditions that make you feel uncomfortable. It also does not mean that the crime has not happened.

These ideas are often misunderstood, and being out of the comfort zone is really a good thing, it can also be uncomfortable.

Often, I hear people talking about giving up because they have heard that going somewhere is "safe," and then they get frustrated when they find that things can still go wrong … especially when they come across cultural traditions that are very different from their own culture. .

The truth of the matter is that it cannot be safe anywhere at any time.

However, this does not mean that you should stop traveling or avoid being a woman. It means that we need to come together for open and honest dialogue about travel safety.

So, let's dive in!

Marrakech, Morocco

What is security for you?

What it means feel safe? Does it mean you are 100% satisfied with your environment? Doesn't mean you shouldn't call a cat or get harassed? Doesn't mean you don't have to be vigilant? Does that mean the city or country has a low crime rate?

What is “safe” for you?

Safety can be defined in many different ways and your actions & # 39; s habits & # 39; they will play a big role in that.

When traveling to a new place, it is important to be prepared to leave the comfort zone no matter how "safe" you have heard it is. The farther you are from home, the more likely you are to experience strange things.

Talking about crying or getting close to the road is really annoying that talking to you in a certain way may make you feel bad.

One thing to note is that when you travel abroad, many times, there are serious differences in cultural traditions – which can make us feel insecure.

Identify what makes you unsafe so that you can accurately assess the level of risk. Could it be cultural panic or are you really in a bad situation that you want to avoid?

“Safety” Providing False Impact

One of my biggest goals in & # 39; The Blonde Abroad & # 39; everyone should be given an insight and access to personal journeys – helping you plan your trip ahead of time and provide you with the tools necessary to help you progress.

Recently, I have been experiencing a live chat online where individuals feel they have received a false impression of where they are going to be "safe" (via social media) because they have been exposed to bullying and harassment by local men. .

Again, this leads to the discussion of "what's safe" and "what is uncomfortable."

The big draw is that you can never be guaranteed the same experience as anyone else. For a sense of "safe" for me, you can feel a bit less. We have to count on our own safety and experience.

Therefore, it is important to seek advice from trusted sources as well as always be alert, no matter how “safe” you hear it is.

solo solo traveler shines outside

I fell into "the safest country in the world."

I wanted to share a story about how I got my personal perspective on travel safety.

Iceland has been recognized as the "safest country in the world" by the World Peace Guide. Political stability and a very low crime rate, is an ideal destination for all types of travel.

Because of Iceland feels To be safe, my mind was relaxed and I was bored when I notified him around.

We camped out and got into the use of community ice. Trusting and feeling safe, I, unfortunately, left my valuables (phone and camera) on my towel just outside the bathroom.

Think about what? A simple goal.

It would be a strong hunt for tourist criminals. Or, it would be a teenager who & # 39; s taking advantage of a simple situation. Despite the obvious suckiness, I would still consider Iceland as a wonderful and safe place to travel. However, it's the only time I've ever been a "victim" of any of my trips.

The fact is, crime happens everywhere in the world and you become a simple target… if you get easy.

To change the example, I lived in South Africa for almost 3 years.

I've never had many people worry and worry about me living in a "safe place". And, I like it. To provide insight, Iceland is ranked 1/163 GPI while South Africa ranks 126/163.

Almost halfway down.

They are very, very impressed that everyone of my friends from here experiences some kind of petty crime in their lifetime. I learned from my journey that in despair, people will do desperate things. And there is a lot of poverty in the country.

Knowing that, my body language, my mind, and my overall focus are 110% different when traveling to places like Iceland.

I lock my car doors as soon as I enter. I look at the Uber parking license number before I enter. I'm not alone. I keep my suitcase on the screen when I eat. I read my surroundings and my energy for people and activities that can be seen in anything.

To me, these are not conversion-steps. Only a common approach and looga work here.

I still think South Africa is "safe" to explore, you just have to be careful. Check out this South African security article from a local perspective!

Based on my experience, I would argue that we should have the same awareness of where we are traveling and no matter how "safe" it is – especially when we are traveling alone.

Environmental Clothing: Culture

Dressing in a culturally appropriate way is both a respect and a key tool in avoiding unnecessary emotions.

When I traveled to Morocco last year with my girlfriend, I saw the hug and the unnecessary emotion. But, wearing it carefully and wearing a braid on my hair has helped me turn some of the eyebrows. Although I change the way I dress, and I don't deserve it, I will not completely ignore it, it will help you mix things up.

I have already shared what has been worn for my trip to a conservative country, but it is always a good reminder to look at it!

Dressing to force it goes a long way. Like it or not, many conservative countries have very little view of Western women and skin manifestation – even at burning heat – you don't like anything.

They are tied for a trip to a conservative country

Use my packaged ideas below, but go back as needed depending on the weather and the times when planning your own trip to a conservative country like Morocco, Jordan, Turkey, UAE, Indonesia, and more!

Read more

Shaanxi, China

Differences in cultural norms

When someone makes you uncomfortable, it is important to keep in mind that they do not always come from the wrong place.

During my first trip to China, I traveled to a very remote part of the country and wondered how many people wanted to take my picture. It can make you feel scary & # 39; s not constantly looking, but some people who live there have never seen anyone other than Chinese origin, so I could seem "Not unusual and different."

Also, as a lesbian in Morocco, I felt constantly irritated… but at the same time, I never felt physically safe.

No matter, we are always mentally prepared before traveling to the Middle East / Islamic countries. I have a wonderful experience with the locals. But, there are important cultural differences and I know that as a woman in these countries, I should not be treated with the same respect as I would have in my homeland.

Women are still second-class citizens in many countries, so it helps you understand that you may encounter uncomfortable or frustrating situations, simply based on cultural differences.

If you know what to expect before you go, it is not scary and you can better imagine what is terrifying and normal behavior. You can also get specific advice on how to manage and reduce these conditions.

When traveling solo vs. By Partitioning

I am confident that traveling alone is one of the best experiences that anyone has. It comes, however, with the added advantage of Mas & # 39;

When traveling with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or group, you have somewhere near the outside of the world. When you are alone, people are more likely to approach you, and if you don't use them this way, I can truly understand how emotions can seem overwhelming.

Before embarking on your first trip, be sure to read the ten most common mistakes women soloists make.

Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

Worried about visiting there?

If you are not worried about visiting a place you want, the first thing I would recommend is research, research, research!

Egypt was at the top of my bucket list at & # 39; However, I was hesitant to travel there because of the stories I heard about women who went through bad experiences.

While I fully believe that other people's travel experiences do not predict yours, it did give me an insight into what I might experience.

I had a wonderful time exploring Egypt and meeting some very friendly people in the area – a stranger I normally gave her baby to me! But I know it can be annoying when you consider traveling to a place that doesn't always get the best reputation for solo travel (like Jordan or Egypt).

While traveling to Egypt solo, I decided to write a guide for that particular trip, so that I could find a local environment during the day and prevent any unnecessary distractions. And guess what ?! I loved it!

I still have to do what I want to do, when I want to do it. But, I did and I felt they would enhance my experience and feel comfortable with me.

So, if you want to travel somewhere but solo is not the path you want to take – no worries! There are many options such as joining a group tour, you can hire a private tour guide, or stay in a high-priced hotel that offers group tours and activities!

GoPro Solo Photos

First Journey Solo

If it's just your first trip – this article is not intended to scare you – but it does make you discover and become a wise traveler! I think that getting ready, doing your research, and finding realistic goals are the best things you can do for yourself when you go on a field trip, be it one-on-one.

I would suggest you check out this article to prepare yourself!

traveler woman walking in hot summer weather


While harassment can happen anywhere, regardless of country and culture – and we don't have to deal with it – the truth is that if we keep quiet or graduate with pictures of perfect images of places or situations, they will never change.

That doesn't mean you should stop traveling and that doesn't mean you can live in fear. You will meet good people along the way, you will experience different things, and you will have experiences that shape you. It's just good to be prepared and not distracted by things that & # 39; s not so good & # 39; that is happening.

So, Ladies, let me share tips and stories! I am ready to open the discussion below and hope that we can all get some insight.