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the reason why I become a neutral medium

Since I flew to my first international flight in 2008 to study abroad, I used a business trip to get. Although I am very fortunate to be able to get the airline tickets and enjoy the travel business benefits, I know that air travel is not the best in the area.

Total Transport

I was close to 1,000,000 miles, while, as a concrete figure, there are some unfavorable things about air travel.

Short or long flight uses the C02 size. With climate change, they have a real impact on our 'minds' and our scientists to help us in 2030 to control global warming or floods, floods, excessive heat and food shortages, we all need to look at how we can reduce our impact.

Although I promised early this year, I would not stop it. As the airlines are the biggest cause of carbon dioxide, I decided to set the goal for 2019 to cover carbon dioxide.

Here are how to cut the tablet pack, and how you can!

What is Carbon Nature?

Carbon management is defined as the total greenhouse gardener support direct and indirect human activity, typically measured in this mixture of carbon dioxide. In other words, when you drive, the machine will burn fuel that creates a CO2 amount.

This is the same way when you use heat, gas, charcoal, or electricity in your home. Even your food production gives CO2 emissions.

Blonde bicycles in Quebec

Is it Ready To Save This?

Overall, the flight department comprises 11% of all fuel-related fuel in the United States. Some estimates say approximately 20,000 planes use the world, serving three billion passengers a year.

In the year 2040, there may be more than 50,000 services, and they will be more frequent.

How can you reduce your ovary?

Lower Transportation Vehicle

If you live in a city with a good public transport, consider using it as the option to go to work. Otherwise, try to start carpooling and share with your nearest companions to reduce the number of street traffic and CO2 emissions.

Although there are not many ways in which to travel, travel and public transport (as public buses) are usually financially in search of a city! If you travel to Europe, for example, you may be able to book a 1 hour flight 6-hour trip. Consider your local effects!

The train track is my favorite way of getting to know – falling down and seeing more!

On flights, you need to start calculating how much CO2 you are traveling on each trip. Here are a few of my favorite places with CO2 accounts that you can use:

Choose "Green" Airlines

Other things to keep in mind when flying are the number of times you pay. With 25% of airborne smoke coming from the earthquake and quenching, you will reduce your computer down by choosing the outside.

It is also a good idea to explore different companies and what they are doing to minimize their impact on the environment. ICCT produces flights for flights every year!

Not only fuel firms that work in small fuel to reduce the effects of smoke, but oil reserves are also passed to the consumer. That is why the Norwegian and German airlines are inexpensive!

Carbon offsetting projects

There are also many organizations you can pray for that aim to make the world carnival ban. Please be personally adapted to the principles of Nature & the Arts.

Natural nature is a global BBB-certified organization which fully identifies the source of their payment. Weather Stations is also a recognized organization that sets high standards for carbon-based projects.

You can offer Natural Nature as a member of their site, or you can choose to send money to AmazonSmile Weather Acceleration. Whenever you shop, you can choose the association and the Amazon will give you a share of the overall cost of buying your Climate Action Surveys without any additional costs.

the refugee population in indonesia

What should I do?

It is evident that it is able to travel as much as I do, let alone donate credit card projects. Because he is lucky to travel most of the time, I feel it is my responsibility to minimize the impact I have on the world and I love it.

Flights: As a result of the flight, my private journeys, I personally offer organizations such as the Nature Conservatory to cancel my flight. On a business trip, I would like to note that every sign, hotel or tourist who wants to host a campaign, donates projects on interest rates. My goal is to be an average medium-sized medium of 2019, and every year it's going forward!

House: We worked hard to make our home in Cape Town as "green" as possible! Though not everything straight away from our line, I still want to celebrate a little effort! We have a compost map in our kitchen to help with different biodegradable products for recycling and waste. And, since the water crisis in Cape Town, we have also been using the use of short and short-cut fiber. We also do not have air conditioning or heat since we live on the beach, which reduces energy consumption!

To account for myself, I will share all my flights and carals in 2019 here:

Route Route C02 (ta Tons) Additional Supplemental Grants
From Nassau to San Diego (via Miami) 1.6 $ 46
Los Angeles to Cape Town (via Doha) 7.8 $ 224
Cape Town to Sydney (via Joburg) 4.5 $ 128 (provided by CNET)
Sydney to Cape Town (via Joburg) 4.5 $ 128 (provided by CNET)
Cape Town to Nelspruit (through Joburg) .39 $ 11
Nelspruit to Cape Town (via Joburg) .39 $ 11
TIME 19.18 $ 548
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We can all take small steps to reduce climate change and reduce the climate change as much as possible. If we all work together and make efforts to reduce the smoke C02, we can make the right change, and we can make sure that the world knows that it will be the future generations to explore.

Do you also get a commitment to become a medium-sized letter? Please check out the comments below!