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Even though you wear a sunscreen it is very important to keep your skin, do you know that it can damage our earth?

When solar panels leave your skin and add water, they can take part in the wooden plant and even process the process. Although many people do not know the spine, you probably have heard about some of the lines,

"The Great Barrier Reef is dying."

Well, it's not just Great Barrier Reef, but other parts of the world such as Hawaii, Seychelles, and Maldives-affect the chemicals of the sun.

Not only that chemicals are harmful to animals, but they can also be poisonous for marine life.

Sinners? He iskubenzone and octinoxate. Despite further research, July 2018, Hawaii issued a law prohibiting the sale of sunglasses in the future. benzophenone-3 (another name oxybenzone) and octinoxate.

Because of the problem they can cause, most islanders are doing their hands and nurturing sunscreen mirrors, hoping to keep their home.

Here are some ways you can help bring sunshine sunglasses for your next holiday!

The negative impact of modern mirror reflections on our Ocean

Although the climate change is one of the main factors affecting sea life, the glass we use is not to add!

What then is the reality?

When the chemicals in the sun enter the water, they can cause DNA damage to the brain. But what does it mean? It limits the growth and ability to develop a healthy way … originally the substance can not produce as it is.

Coral is usually melted when the water temperature is above 81 degrees …

which is very hot! However oxybenzone it comes in the water, the dill will actually start with a 78 degree fluid.

I know that this kind of difference seems small, but her body-heat is great! Think of when you have a fever … it's just above your normal level in your body, but you're a man, you can not feel it!

Since we have been distressed in the past, we do not want to add other things that can hurt you!

Lombok, Indonesia

All the sunglasses are not seamless

Your skin is your main part, so you have to do everything you can to help protect, correct?

Think about what happens when you use a sun glass: recycle it several times and allow it to moisten your skin. If you use a spray, you can risk sunscreen sunglasses … or if you apply for SPF, you can reduce a small amount.

The FDA is currently investigating solar panels in the market

The FDA is concerned that some solar panels may contain substances that can cause cancer, interact with hormones, and cause disorders in the eyes of the community. No thank you!

Sunscreens are also included retinyl strategy (vitamin Aka), which is an antioxidant that fights skin skin, can actually stimulate the development of skin tumors when the sun.

Beachy Blonde Hair

What you can do

Do not worry, this does not mean stopping the sunscreen

First, when you want to buy a new glass, the sun, Avoid objects such as vitamin A-Aka retinyl palmitate, acetate retinyl, linoleate retinyl, and retinol

Second, avoid poisoning.

When you inspect the sunscreen, it's not just you get it without you, but you also get around all around. You solve the air and all the soil, which may damage even the tricks and their environment.

And, finally, but at least, sunscreen. It is usually done zinc oxide and titanium dioxide; Research shows that less (if any) Zinc or particanium actually actually spread to the skin.

So, when it comes to sunglasses, minerals look better than the chemical, both you and yours.

Risks of the Cretaceous Rocks I like!

These are some of my favorite comforts, water-resistant, and biodegradable sunglasses!

Natural Mineral Minerals by Posted by Stream2Sea

Safe and reliable sun tested sports

Try this


The content of the ingredients in your sun is not only help with & nbsp; but also helping you to live the best of your life!

So sit in these ingredients and then check if the sunscreen you are buying is a comfortable, friendly way, especially next holiday!

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