Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly & Holmes & Watson & # 39; and & # 39; Step Brothers & # 39;

Children's Children are unique and well-known & Ferrari and John C. Reilly & # 39; who introduced the art of performing arts in the movie "Step Brothers" and "Tallest Nights: Ballad of Ricky Bobby " to write in November, but with a smile: At this point, these doctrines happen to be bad.

"Holmes & Watson," Ferrell and Reilly, produce their own intelligence, "Sherlock Holmes and his partner, Dr. Watson, in light of the case they need to defend Moriarty's queen." and I say "What are the most important characters in the literature?" & "Reilly wrote in an interview on Ferrell's interview in October." & # 39; What has been done? & # 39; The world needs this. & # 39;

They also talk about the love they have for the most popular children they are expecting their friendship for more than a decade, which is pushing each other forward. These are the editions of the conversation.

I know you two people from the former S.N.L. Molly Shannon. What do you remember about it?

JOHN C. REILLY I remember standing on the west side of the west and we would look at the eyes and the idea: "I feel like I'm in touch with this person! I feel like I understand the way his mind works!"

WILL FERRELL We all went to the lights. We have taken this action and paid on the rest of the day and made a bite. I tried to ask lots of John's questions.

Are you Sherlock supporters? Do you read the books of Arthur Conan Doyle?

Delay I was a type of Sherlock Holmes superfan before it was put in. I would tell you about different stories that are already above my head. Our relationship with the film is about the love of original stories.

FERRELL We qoslnay fact that Sherlock is a collaboration with Watson in many stories, not the process of hate, but it is a way of analysis.

Delay There are some interesting things about someone who says: "Look, I am very emotional, just like it is. Just accept it."

FERRELL "It does not mean that you have less."

Taking into consideration the movement, how would you choose who to play for Holmes and who will play with Watson?

FERRELL Stone, paper, scissors. It was a thousand rounds of stone, paper, scissors. It was tired.

Delay I think it has appeared in appearance. I think I got Watson DNA. I am a party to you.

FERRELL Well, no one seems to be better than the two morning John C. Reilly. I will argue for every one of them.

Talk about your own English language. Have you prepared this, especially when you know? Dick Van Dyke of the people of the United States create a horrible picture of English?

Delay Former Dick Van Dyke. I was sleeping at night with anxiety for Dick Van Dyke.

Adult height of your old record – Dale and Brennan in "Step Steps" or Ricky Bobby and Cal Naughton Jr. "Nights Tall" – is not high. How do you look at Holmes and Watson?

Delay They are both very mature and unmatched. They are Victorian ideas, but they have some jobs in the department of communication.

FERRELL They can identify the most common types of crime compared to the crime, but the basic background and the withdrawal of dating and how to talk to women, are at the third stage.

Delay The film is a time, as well as, in terms of how to deal with the misguidance of men who see women's past roles. The filmmakers, Rebecca Hall and Lauren Lapkus, were amazing. Try to enjoy a corset is a real challenge.

You both know a lot of commitments about biting. Are there any events about that?

Delay There were all kinds of different times at which we had to compel something to make beautiful things. Gobbling down the whole bus or drowning a lot of people throwing it right.

FERRELL I cover charcoal from the head to the legs, trying to understand a message. There was one point, John, when he was severely hot water.

Delay Like the animal in the cage. When you have a comedy, never imagine, "It will be closed with barefoot and attached to the fire hose."

Sherlock Holmes and Watson were played by many famous actors for only ten years, from Ian McKellen to Lucy Liu. Have you received any advice?