With India in South Africa on Sword, Virat Kohli is facing the president's head

India will finally start the World Cup 2019 on Wednesday, 13 days after Virat Kohli and a company from England, and will face South Africa struggling with Rose Bowl in Southampton.

Although Virat Kohli said in a press conference before the game that India will get the ultimate advantage of the game, the team could be a little less than a dream because they did not take any action during the week.

India can not afford to be more satisfied, although the worst form of & # 39; Proteas & # 39; in the form of weakness and injury and it appears that it will begin to write stronger. To this end, the Indian captain must have a combination of three-sided or uncomfortable teams.

Apart from the status of the field, the weather in the UK will also predict the XI Industries today with the Bowl Rose Predictive Wheels that can give its life a movement. Kohli has publicly acknowledged Tuesday that he is aware of the three-wheeled thumb to fully exploit the situation.

Although the No.4 score shared with KL Rahul over the last century opposed Bangladesh, there is still a question about the first choice of XI.

Play Shami or Bhuvneshwar or both?

Although Kohli does not rule out playing three trips in the minds, Mohammed Shami or Bhuvaneshwar Kumar will still play on his mind as his team comes out.

Gambar, a natural architect, is good in terms of English, but the final form of the day is less than the big, while Shami has been in good form since he returned.

But playing both mean that India can not play Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal, who won the South African victory and the unprecedented election. Also, Hardik Pandya also offers bowling-bowling choice, so India may go & # 39; claiming no need for a triangle.

Proof or Two Calculators

Since winning the Champions League in 2017, India has chosen to win College College Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal, both of whom have done well. Although the Kuldeep form is not huge, it can still prove to be a dangerous weapon in India.

However, Ravindra Jadeja's return to the club and his performances since the 2018 World Cup has given India another chance, and also gives a deep impression on Indian football and his outstanding career. Jadeja is well on his performances throughout the summer and he looks forward to a strong case for joining XI.

No. No.6?

Speaking at the press conference on Thursday, South Africa's opening day for Southampton, Kohli said Jadhav was restored after missing two heated wounds on his shoulder during the IPL .

Jadhav was part of the non-core parts of the game, as he tackles football tactics and has a better attacking style than the Jadeja and Pandya balls since he began to make the toilet in India. But directly into the line without using a game can not be the right step.

His picture number 6 may also go to Dinesh Karthik, which is well-versed in IPL, as well as a key to open. However, there are other options, such as India, to play for Jadeja instead of playing both hands.