World Environment Day, Watch the Olympic Games Move For Better Weather

Olympic House (Photo Card:

Olympic House (Photo Card:

World Environment Day, how the Olympics are environmentally friendly and why Olympic House is the most sustainable building in the world.

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  • Latest update: June 5, 2020, 9:01 PM IST

Olympic Games are one of the biggest sporting events in the world and the kind that is expected also means many carbon prints. However, as the issue of environmental importance and sustainable development was added to the 1996 Olympic Charter, they were working on continuing the Olympic campaign.

"With the challenges and complexity of circumstances that may seem obvious right now, if we take the right lessons from the current situation, we can shape our future to even emphasize the importance of our global Olympic movement," said the recent IOC President. letter to the Olympic Movement.

"Therefore we must carry out further reforms to the Olympic 2020, especially in terms of sustainability, to address this problem."

In a report published by, the IOC says that the Olympic Games offer a great opportunity to raise global awareness on environmental issues and introduce innovative solutions. Among the guidance that organizers take care of the environment, sustainability, sustainable sourcing and carbon management are the two biggest.

The 2020 Olympics Agenda has been fundamentally changed as the Games are organized, making them smaller and more sustainable than ever before. One of its requirements, for example, calls for widespread use of existing and transitional sites, and to establish new sites only where the plan is clear and sustainable.


The IOC believes in doing what it preaches and therefore, the Olympic House is the prime example of sustanability. According to the report, Olympic House is one of the most sustainable buildings in the world, having received three of the most prestigious building certificates.

At the top of & # 39; The Olympic House & # 39; The high ceilings have solar panels that produce electricity and heat and cooling is done in the nearby waters of Lake Geneva.

The Olympic Hall is also home to eight cars including hydrogen fuel and the first hydrogen-fuel station in Switzerland. Offered by the Company & # 39; Worldwide Partner & # 39; Partner Toyota, FCEVs electric vehicles only produce water vapor and air.

For all this, the IOC is also working on an Olympic campaign, which will be part of the Great Green Wall's efforts in Africa. More than a plant of cedar trees, the Olympic Gardens are designed to provide broader social benefits to wildlife communities and communities.,,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,0,00, 00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00 ,,, 00 ,,, 00 ,,, 00,,. , 00,00,00,00,, 00 ,,,, 00,, 00 ,,, 00, be, Weather, Fine, Environment, Day, Environment, Day, 2020, & print_min = 2020-06-08T17: 58 : 54.000Z & print_max = 2020-06-10T17: 58: 54.000Z & sort_by = date-wise & order_by = 0 & limit = 2