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the best wine regions in the world

One of the things I like to do when traveling is the visit of the state of the country. My love of alcohol began in Temecula village, and I was going to go to Istria in Croatia, Franschhoek in South Africa and Valle de Guadalupe in Mexico!

If you are looking for trips, I have listed my favorite wine list as well as a few still on my banner list.

Here are some of the best in the world of the world!

Boschendal Wine Farm, Franschhoek

Cape Winelands, South Africa

Since my first trip to South Africa, I tried to find out about Cape Town. My work started in Stellenbosch during a press conference in 2016, and since then I've been visiting a French study in Franschhoek, Durbanville, and Constantia!

With the $ 1 to $ 5 beer taste, Cape Winelands is one of the most powerful areas for the African continent!

Some of my favorite wine farmers in this area are:

  • Cycling: This is one of my favorite holidays for a break. Check for farms, and wear a platter and taste of wine!
  • Boschendal: Enter the gym for the week and then yourself for a few hours to find out at home – it's amazing!
  • Haute Cabrier: Go before you close one of the best ideas in the state.
  • Lanzarac: A book of wine & chocolate. I am thankful again!

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Alcohol Late Temecula, California

Temecula, California

I was born in Temecula, California and I think it is one of the lowest alcohol in the world. Temecula has more than 50 types of wine, and there are 35 rifles to choose from!

We are very pleased to host the booklet in the Temecula Valley and see what the local alcohol is. Here are some of the favorite wine farmers in the area:

  • Ponte: Ponte is a 300-acre garden that offers a large room, a four-star hotel, a full-service restaurant and two award-winning restaurants.
  • South Coast: South-West is 4-year-old California State Winery of the Year. Approximately 39 acres, this place has a catering restaurant, luxury sports, and private property.
  • Leoness: The word Leoness means a dream village. Founded in 2002, the wine plant produces Viognier, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, White Merlot, and more!

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Villa Menegetti

Istria, Croatia

After getting out of the good two months in the bag, I decided to lower the Croatian roots. One of my favorite regions in the country is Istria.

It's here where I found the Malvasia, the white vegetable in the state and I really love it! While you are in the area, you should also try the local wet wine in Cossetto, Roxanich and Kabola.

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Saint Emilion

Bordeaux, France

In the year 2018, we went on a road trip to Bordeaux and Provence in France. It was one of my travels on my banner, and I was forced to correct another country in my list of liquor.

Although Bordeaux is a popular wine zone, you should also take a day trip to St. Petersburg. Emilion. French thieves are known for producing red and red wine.

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a wine garden in the city

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is a big bottle of wine. It's going to be good at age & time, it's good. However, taking a drink of what you are doing, you will learn the nature, history, and modernization of every glass of wine.

One of the most favorite sellers, Montepulciano, comes from Tuscany. Vino Nobile di Montepulciano is an unusual red wine every time I see on the menu (everywhere in the world) you are very well aware that I am commanding!

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Dressing Tasting in Queenstown

Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

Hawke's Bay is the second largest cuisine in New Zealand. She boasts more than 100 vine gardens and 80 milk boots, and is famous for the whole world because of fears of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah!

Some of them should include Craggy Range, Black Barn, Elephant Hill, Trinity Hill and Mission Estate (the largest in the country).

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drink wine in the city

Tasmania, Australia

With a few simple and long days, the vine in Tasmania is ripe to bring a tasty and clean taste. She received a reputation as one of the first producers of the Australian wine, having won a great honor from the referees and critics.

There are four different types of wine you can visit, each of which is different types of wine. The best part is that all these cities are close to major cities and towns, making it easier to explore the awards of Tasmania.

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Georgia, Georgia

Georgia, Georgia

Georgia, Georgia, is considered as the place of alcohol. Archaeologists are looking for the world's first bottle of alcohol back to the Caucasus region for 6,000 BC.

Georgian also has a special method of creating wine. The grapes with skin, grass, and pips are cut into large clay pots and buried underground until the whole year!

Despite the historic demand and more than 8,000 trees, Georgia still has been out of the beat-up zone.

vineyards of spain

Sherry Triangle, Spain

If you read the beginning of our reader's startup, you will find out that I studied abroad in Spain in 2008 I lived in Salamanca and El Puerto de Santa Maria. It was a wonderful experience that I knew in many parts of the country including parts of the famous Sherry Triangle.

Three cities, Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlucar de Barrameda, and El Puerto de Santa Maria, the Sherry Triangle is where you can find some of the most popular subjects in the world like delicious and delicious beaches!

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beer mendoza, argentina

Mendoza, Argentina

Argentina is famous for the whole world, because it is honey Malbec. The country boasts over 2,000 industries and is the fifth largest in the world!

Mendoza is the heart of all, home to only 1200 alcohols. With high length and long sunshine, the conditions are best to produce some of the best things you will ever taste.

Porto, Portugal

Porto is the second largest city in Portugal, a place called port wine. The seafood is sweet and sweet most often added to sweets.

Some of the things you can expect from the wine are raspberry, blackberry, caramel, cinnamon, and chocolate! Although in the city, you must visit Miro Ferreira, having a 250-year history and is a good place to learn the regional wine in Portugal.

chile wine

Colchagua valley, Chile

Colchagua is one of the most famous suburbs in South America. The weather is warm year round, but they are cooled by breezes surface water and rainfall cusboonaysiisey marble.

Some of the most important birds in Chile are from the Colchagua Valley, including Clos Apalta, Folly Syrah, and Altura. This is the best place for anyone who loves storms, full, fruitful leaves with leaves!


Of course, this does not mean a comprehensive list of all the regions of the world. There are many things to choose from, and a reasonable excuse for finding a book ticket to a new location!

What are your favorite regions in the world? Please check out the comments below!