Worth paying attention|new packaging of food and beverage, new marketing gameplay

worth Concerns|New packaging for food and beverage, new marketing gameplay

Global Market Research Consulting Company Mintel released A new discovery of the Z-generation population: members of the Z generation were born in 1995-2007, the most diverse generation to date, and the first true digital age aborigines in the world. Words such as technology, health, and personality have become the main consumption trends of this group of people. While aggravating the innovation of product ingredients and categories, enterprises also pay attention to the innovation of product packaging and marketing methods to meet the individual needs of modern consumers.

Oreo’s new DJ music box

worthy attention|new packaging for food and beverage, new marketing gameplay

After last year’s music box fire, Oreo’s new DJ music box once again became a net red product. On the day of Super Brand Day, DJ Music Box sold 30,000 pieces, and 1108 Wang Yuan custom DJ boxes were also robbed in one second.

For Orió’s AIDS China, this is not only a marketing campaign to increase sales, but also a special attempt to get through the social and consumer links and play the star fan economy. Therefore, the separation of the traditional channels of e-commerce and brand has become less and less obvious, and departmental synergy and product synergy have become the key words to jointly promote the brand’s new positioning – “playing together with Oreo”.

(Source: Ali Mama)

Vibrating and Bringing a Drink – Book Lemonade

worthy attention|new packaging for food and beverage, New marketing gameplay

According to public data, the download of the Vibrating App in the first quarter of 2018 is high. It reached 45.8 million times and became the most downloaded iPhone app in the world, with more than 200 million active users.

After Piggy Page and Steam Ta, the vibrato sounded a “book lemonade”. It is reported that this “Jittering Net Red” book lemonade was launched by Zhejiang Baige Industrial Co., Ltd., and the products were selected with high-quality lemon for refreshing and fruity. The product has a specification of 330ml and a retail price of 15 yuan/bottle. After the product is consumed, the empty bottle can also be recycled as a sports bottle.

The biggest feature of the product is its packaging design, which breaks the conventional round-shaped bottle shape of the beverage, and uses a similar book style. It is very novel, and the intimate ring handle in the upper right corner is also Fully embodies the humanized design, and the matte surface makes the product more advanced.

(Source: Food Vendor)

Daily Fresh Headline News Bottle

worthy attention|new packaging for food and beverage, new marketing gameplay

There are many cases of bottle marketing, from Coca-Cola’s “line bottle” to Nongfu Spring. “Lyric lyrics bottle”, and then to the full-featured “single-word bottle”, had to make people sigh the drinker “city will play.” Recently, Box Ma Anjia’s fresh milk combined with today’s headlines has come up with a newer “headline news bottle.”

This news bottle was launched on August 11th, and the bottle will be printed with a freshly baked news that will allow consumers to keep up-to-date with the daily nutritional milk. It can convince consumers that the “freshness” of this bottle of milk is just in line with the positioning of the sale of fresh milk on the same day, strengthening the definition of “fresh”.

(Source: New Food Review)

Nongfu Springs launches train-style bottled water

worthy attention|new packaging for food and beverage, new marketing gameplay

Now, Nongfu Spring and Shanghai New Shangtie Industrial Development Group Co., Ltd. launched a train styling bottled water. Iron’s own brand “Travel Easy” is sold at a price of 8 yuan. It looks like a train model, but it is a drinkable water. Its special creativity has attracted many consumers and industry insiders.

In addition, in addition to the innovation of the shape of the bottle, Nongfu Spring also joined the National Palace Cultural Service Center to launch a limited edition of the Forbidden City bottle. The use of IP image makes Nongfu Spring more characteristic of story and high-end, and more attractive to consumers’ individual needs.

 Worth paying attention|New packaging for food and beverage, new marketing gameplay

(Source: Business Express Index Daily)