Writing like painting

write like a painting

If you don’t open a headline number from the media, you may not go to the library to check the information on how to write. I have been writing some words very casually. I usually take care of Weibo, send out aesthetic design works, or find a few like-minded friends to slap the land. I don’t even imagine that one day I will be thinking about writing those things.

Because of the shackles of others, he volunteered into the pit of the media. It took less than a month to open the headline and found out how to drop it. Without original creations, the headline number is as ruined as a dry well.

Holding the idea of ​​finding a quick and successful student, I also want to change my way of writing more freely. As a result, after the library was over the mountains, I found out that I was writing those things and all of them were recycled to the primary school teachers. Hands. It is still the central idea of ​​the rules and regulations, the main content, the passage style, etc., but suddenly found that these writings can also be an interesting combination like painting and photography. I only hate that the ignorance of the year did not open earlier, otherwise, I will return to my alma mater. When the language teacher is gone.

write like a painting

1 The subject in the painting: If you don’t want to waste time on the fake original, then calm down and think about what the subject in the painting needs to write, it is necessary to draw a To the background, the water is dry, and it’s still a desert. In every piece of text, there is always an emotion or attitude or a value that the author wants to express. If you don’t think about the subject in your own pen, you will walk away as you would, and you will break when you write and write.

2 Composition in the painting: You have the ability to carry the picture, just a piece of paper. I want to make the Qitian Dasheng in the pen, and there is also a way to turn the bucket. Zhang paper first hooks out the line draft, confirms the foreground medium background, and the main body echoes the association before the foil. This is the logical structure of an article. You let a male lead cross into ancient times, then how to interpret it. The male lead becomes a small woman, unless it is not in China, but in Thailand. Fortunately, there are a lot of ready-made routines for writing materials. It is like the golden ratio law of composition. At the beginning, you can take a routine to practice your body, and then you can find it after you find it.

3 Shapes in the painting: Dotted lines, rounded triangles, etc. are all basic skills, because the gorgeous picture is also composed of every basic element, in the picture. The shape is like the material story of writing, and these small material plots need to be accumulated over time. If it is not of interest, you may not deliberately go to a new exhibition. Writing needs to hide the bitterness of daily life in the heart, and then it can be sent out with a sense of fluency.

write like painting

4 The brush in the painting, the same shape or the rendering of the same product, with different brushes, the feeling of coming out and the emotions rendered are completely different. This is the article. The stylistic expression in the same meaning, you are Liao Liao a few words of heart and lungs, or come to a short story, or come to a national event like a positive and negative paper. Speaking of this, I think of the good intentions of the primary school language teacher.

5 The color in the painting: Sometimes we can’t remember the way we met the painting, but we can’t forget the color of the painting, black and white, or dazzling, or It is a small fresh romance. The most inconspicuous in the original writing of the article is the sound of his own heartbeat. One word per word and one word will infuse the emotions of the author’s emotions and sorrows. Writing also needs to brew emotions like winemaking. If you follow the template as fast as you can learn artificial intelligence, it is not original writing. It is more accurate to say that it is an editor.

6 The white space in the painting, in an excellent painting, there will be more or less white space, and some space for imagining the passengers to appreciate, instead of tearing down a bitter stomach. The biggest difference between writing and writing a diary is that this is a place where the diary can be unscrupulous, and writing often takes into account the feelings of each encounter. This is why so many writing techniques have always emphasized the deep-rooted field, full of business philosophy.

7 The aesthetics in the painting, when a work is finished, there will always be a tinkering of perfection. If the mood of the higher level is unclear, then the proofreading of the article will be completed. To make a metaphor, but unfortunately I have never been marginal, and I have little patience in typography and proofreading. Original writing and a lot of learning journeys need to be explored with everyone.

write like a painting