Wyoming Mountain Home created by KAM Designs, a perfect blend of modern and contemporary living.

Launched on a hillside in a green alpine greenhouse on the corner of Teton Village in Wyoming, KAM Designs recently completed a beautiful and beautiful Wyoming Mountain Home.

House beautiful visual effect is very beautiful, and through more than a place to stay (which it is no doubt & # 39; without breathing). For starters, the goal of owners and design teams was to create a space that blends well with modern life and similar products and decorative styles and in the most comfortable and comfortable way possible.

The actual hilltop building on which the house sits is part of a beautiful rural setting called # 39; Shooting Star & # 39 ;. The entire area, which is a natural attempt to maintain a calm, peaceful atmosphere, has been placed at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

On the one hand, the plan sits on an award-winning golf course, which only reinforces the vision of the incredible home of the Grand Tetons, as well as the Gros Ventre Range. The house itself consists of 8,000 square feet, boasts five rooms, five bathrooms and a half, and open-plan views of shared living areas.

Inside the house, the rooms are an open and spacious concept. In an attempt to preserve a blend of sophisticated and intricate designs that mimic all the in-house experiences, the designers used an integrated approach. A prime example of this is the combination of ancient stone floors which beautifully contrast with the bright stone and the competing walls.

Floor is not the only interior display that involves woodworking. The formal dining room, for example, also has a large, reclaimed wood floor to ceiling, extending down to the living room next to it as well. Similar themes, along with wooden furniture, are found throughout the kitchen.

Instead they fall to the dark a bit dark as houses a lot, and very heavy wood appears to be done, housing and assumes the lotus in the given format dhismeedkiisu firm also boasts windows flat. This allows residents and visitors to enjoy the view of the mountain and the valley and not less than a memory.

The area around the house where the best eye can be found is the upper house. Here, a large window of social space in the corner of the bedroom offers comfortable views while the residents sit comfortably in a beautiful fireplace. This space also includes a home office, luxurious bathrooms with high-quality bathrooms, a closet on the floor, and even a separate gym! If the owners want to enjoy the sunrise before they even leave the bedroom in the morning, the master's wing also has a beautiful (and very emotional) porch.

Besides being a place where one can search for the convenience of modern amenities along with the comforts of the more traditional buildings, the home is also a place to relax. This establishes relaxation, social and communication, and entertainment at the forefront of its activities as well. The designers did Sure she had a lot of unique things she could offer as a result.

For example, the Wyoming Mountain House home is the only home not just a stone's throw away with an outdoor space for quiet private time and a home office just in case real life calls, but also four. a comfortable fireplace, a wet bar in the main room, and even a home movie theater, fully equipped with the sound of HQ.

Photos provided by the designers.