You do not have to pay attention, but you have to be real

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I know, I know, we've met them before: Technology lets us blind the world around us. This year's 2019-this is a well-packed, thought-provoking tool in our backyard and "TV in your mind".

But really … is the genre?

To find: In the beginning of this year, The Times reported that "the time we spend on our phones" to interact with sleeping, confidences, relationships, memories, ideas, creativity, productivity and problem solving and skills go & # 39; not taking it. "Cool, wonderful, good stuff.

We've always had one to extend the term link – that's published, just a little! – but taking time to do everything you can to work with the world is valuable, but not used, the way to adapt to modern life. (If you are not in control, read the case for something we do, one of the Reading Readings stories.)

O.K., you may think, but how do we really do this? It is one thing we can trust that all of us will be down, but what are the practical steps to do?

To find out, I called Rob Walkerthe author of The Art of Note. His book, Mr. Walker writes: "To reach, close, to get everyday interest, to find out what they are talking about – these are important skills and intentions." They talk between observation and vision , between the hearing and the hearing, between the acceptance of the world and the things that are right for you. "

Again, it is easier to say than done. So, what can we do to help the world's top managers understand this?

"When you look at a high level, just try to try and allow yourself to have this moment when you are looking for something, listening to your interest and seeing where you are heading," said Mr. Walker, who runs a workplace counseling center for Lifehacker. "We do not have much in the culture now."

He added: "If you get a minute vibration, someone wants it."

Part of this includes these issues as alertness management. Everything we want is a special look, so the way to fight is to focus on what you are interested, and to take care of what you are alert, Mr. Walker said. Is it really worth the time you need to prevent YouTube's dangerous stars, or anything on Twitter? It may be, perhaps it is not – but you should know the answer.

To be clear: This is not a challenge to advocate a "lifeless lifestyle," a bad idea an exact solution for the real problem. On the other hand, the problem is to know about your area, remembering the world you are traveling, and allow yourself to just lower it … see.

For example, Mr. Walker said one of his favorite ways to lower down and feel that the world is personal hunting. This is when, during the event of management or work, you spend time looking for something that no one wants to look at. Do you go to the store? Walk to any building just seen what you see. Sends a doctor? Stop your phone from the waiting room and – non-base, of course – to tell the people around you. These are simple and open-minded activities in the world. The idea is that during these summaries of the discount, you focus on what you are making, rather than focusing on what you are saying about yourself. It will always be time to check Instagram, but how much will you have to do to protect and remember the world?

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Another one of my favorite tactics. Walker suggests: Registered 10 non-direct observations around the world. This will make it easier: Who can not see 10 items this week? Trick is no examples tunnel You will only know, compare, analyze or reference. You have been forced to lower down and really think of the world around the world, rather than fearing a bicycle.

Remember: vision and vision. Hearing and listening. Accept what the world offers and know what is right for you.

"There is nothing more important than what you think people do not do," Mr. Walker said. "That's where the creativity started: That's the place where the creativity started, it's honor to see what you are and what you care for."

How can you fall to the world? Tell me the Twitter page @timherrera.

Have a great week!


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