You want to pray for the 15th and you win the Super 300 Title Next Year: Chirag

New Delhi: It will be a good season for the season, the pair of dressing gear Chirag Shetty and Satelliksairaj Reddy are now looking to reach the final and break the top 15, next year.

Chirag and Satwik have emerged as one of the best couple in India this year, winning the Commonwealth Games in a month, winning the Super Eagles 100 in the Super 300 and 750.

"It was a great year for us, we got targets we had, and we hope we will be able to shape it for the next year," Chirag told PTI.
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"We played the Open Cup semi-finals of the Open Ocean and the French Open in the last week, they went well all over England, followed by the CWG where we won the silver, the World Cup and Asian games are also good.
"We have also won 100 cheerleaders in Hyderabad, which is one of our targets, next year we want to play in the big competition and we can win at least 300 titles," he added.

Chirag, 21, and Satwik, 18, have also won the finals in the World Cup in April, this year.

"We have been playing well, and our target is to come in the next 15 years." If we can continue to create neighborhoods and semi-finals, we can do it, "Chirag said, with his partner currently in the 25th position.

The two Indian stars have been searching for Mads Conrad-Petersen and Mads Pieler Kolding in Indonesia in the last few years, after winning both Mohammad Ahsan and Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo, who won the title in Asia. They also beat both Hejeer and Tan Chiang in France.

Chirag sees the whole world once Marcus Fiondi Gideon and Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo from Indonesia, who have played four times this year.

"If we are in football, we can beat everyone every day, Marcus and Kevin can be beaten, and we want to beat, although we have lost to Gideon and Kevin," Chirag said.

"We played one of our best games against Asian Games." If we did not win the competition, we can win. "

With more than three other incidents this season, Chirag said they should be the same in order to reach their goals.

"We know we need to be consistent with the selection and selection of players during the games," he said.

"The boys, like Hendra Setiawan, Mathias Boe and Carsten Mogensen, are very good, they know how easy points are, they have great hopes, their defenses are very good, so here we have to work," he said.

"We were just two players last year, we've been doing a lot, we're new, we've just opened and opened, but the defender has been weak, but now, especially in Paris, we've scored a lot our defender is a sign of improvement and we have also stabilized. "

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