Young Adolescent of the Mediation, Clad in Armor

In places not found, hip-hop music and hip-hop music passed through the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the afternoon. Tourists traveling with shields and clay boots have hit the ball.

Whereas, besides a large range of weapons guns, dance moves to tools – one hand for the need. In the free hand, he was wearing a silver short cut, which he had been placed on to ground to stand up straight on the knee.

At the top of the middle art, he was hit, beaten, he tore.

And then, he was out.

New Yorkers, dance dancers in the subway were blind (or frustrated) since the 1980s, when they started to emerge from the trains.

But this museum's performance was not an aggressive aggression in the Middle East.

Dancers are dull and tied to the late afternoon checklists – some of the chains, other hats and breastfeeding – have worked with music players and weapons to try to bring the device the front of the war.

Unlike most of the museums, such as holidays and lessons, oil and water painting, firearms are made to move, not sit in a visual situation.

Kester Estephane, one of the dancers, who put garments and trucks on the candles, received guns with a capacitor.

"To get the most out of the screen, take these beautiful pictures of this beautiful, we hit the real boys, and actually move on by looking at how they feel and see how they work , is almost a true dream, "said Mr. Estephane, also known as Flexx when he plays.

He added: "Yes, I'm not really a policeman – I have a sword or a king worker – but just holding the weapons is enough to be able to do what I think about when I was young."

When they explore the project, both men and mammals themselves – all said they were surprised to find out how to accomplish the city's ethics as a weapon.

"There are fantastic variations between chivalry and the history of culture, as well as the history of things, and the modern hip-hop and dance," Ms. Tomer said.

The guns can be considered to be an increase in flight combat, a hip-hop machine that competes and dance, based on the rights.

"When I hear the type of weapon of weapons, and the type we fight with dance, it was the same," said Christopher Brathwaite, one of the characters.

As the electorists describe the complexities of the journalists, they will fit into the arms, Mr. Brathwaite said he was comparing the gym to a dance drama, a labbing training.

"We do not know what to do with the preparation or deployment, or is ready to do it," he said. "But we can offer the best of our best, as they want to come out."

Story stories in dance play, where stories or emotions are often translated into the movement, fit with what Terjanian, the artist, sees as the story of the story of weapons, war and men's skill in every dress.

"Armor was officially arrested by men who had a lot of power, and helped him with the fashion of men," said Terjanian.