Your baby to sleep at night: Good news (and unhappy) – Harvard Health Blog

Leave your child to sleep at night: it's the first step for all newborn babies.

It is understandable, as dear and ghosts are full of new parents. The full night's sleep is important for many books written about how to reach, and a general theme for new parents. Children who sleep at night sleeps well – and those who do not sleep overnight often wonder if there is anything wrong with their baby or their parents. This is especially important because western cultures, there is an idea that about 6 months old, if not fast, the baby should sleep at night.

This idea, it comes out, is not correct. This is where the news comes from the newspaper. According to a study published in the journal Pediatrics, if your baby does not sleep at 6 months, or even 12 months, It's normal.

It is always good news to hear that your child is normal – but some parents may feel bad news as all night sleeping looks more visual than expected.

Canadian researchers studied 388 children 6 months, and 369 babies for 12 months. They describe sleeping up to six or eight hours of sleep without waking up. They found that in 6 months, 38% of infants can not do it for six hours without wasting – 57% of them did not sleep eight hours at all. In the 12 months, this figure was good but still not great: 28% did not sleep for six hours, 43% did not sleep for eight hours.

It's not a problem, it's not a parent problem – it's not really a problem

Because it is a nightmare that the nightmare is over, parents feel, researchers have not found interdependence between night and mothers for mothers. They also found that the baby did not wake up at night when it came to cognition, language, or brain development. Children have done a good job.

They also found that children in the middle of the night are more likely to breastfeed. This means breastmilk is digestive and quicker to digest breast milk, leading to breastfeeding babies to get fast hunger. Given that breastfeeding has found out the benefits of health, a small amount may be enough to end the baby (and mothers, as breastfeeding mothers also).

Now, some parents are awake at night is it Problems, where the training place is to sleep. There are certain techniques and methods that can help children to sleep more and to stay longer. Many of them are involved in the baby's cry for a while – although the studies have shown that this does not hurt the baby, it can be very difficult and stressful for many parents.

This study shows that if your baby is awake at night and you do well, you do not need to do anything. At that time, they will be better. Although in the first few months their life feels like it is, and not yet. Before you know what you will be at night for other reasons: waiting for night to come out with friends. And when it is come to pass, those days rise not upon them as the children are evil.