Your Flashlight? You are likely to send the Right Signatures

You drive along a winding road, a rural road at night and a car in the opposite lane has high traffic lights.


A. Light your flashlight to warn the driver?

B. bit down and look down to the right side of the white line of the road to avoid looga blind?

C. Turn on your high fruits?

(For purposes of this request, we will remove the affidavit.)

If you answered B, go to the driver's head of the vehicle. If you answered A or C, think again.

Drivers often light their next military lights on their high-powered guns. But according to William E. Van Tassel, director of driver training programs at the AAA headquarters in Heathrow, Fla., "We're really out of that."

The driver with the & # 39; s top lamps can have alcohol. Eliminating your upper floors, especially at night, can make that person’s impression, which may already be low in drinking and dark, and even worse, Mr. Van Tassel says.

Sometimes four-way drivers stop at their lights to show others that they are moving forward. That gives them the opportunity to communicate, Mr. Robinson said, especially if the driver's attention to the signals means that other people are present.

Robert K. Gillmer, president Driving to a US school in North Wales, Pa., Near Philadelphia, says if the other person refuses to respond to the signal, the fruitful person may then decide to leave.

"If that person does not respond quickly, they can change their mind," Mr said. Gillmer. "To play 1,000 percent safe," he advised not to use direct light to announce to other drivers. "Without any action, it is best not to have anyone misinterpret what you say," he said.

In other cases, drivers can use their laptops to demonstrate that it is safe to drive or tow.

Lighting your hair on your head to say & # 39; It's O.K. to emerge & # 39; "when other drivers cannot see the next traffic is normal, said Lieutenant McDonnell. But he warned drivers to do it themselves, "because you are handing over your safety to the other driver."

Experts advise to prevent the use of a flashlight to direct looga warn drivers smoking speed.

Mr. Van Tassel said AAA does not encourage such behavior and that motorists should drive at speed limits. He noted that the impact of the crash at 65 miles per hour was far worse than the one at 55 m.p.h.

Some have suggested that the use of such translations could be interpreted as a challenge to the authorities, although Sergeant McDonnell said he does not know if he has gone.

In the case of the drivers light their lamps to get to you because it is not fast enough, Mr. Van Tassel said don't take it personally.

"Get out there," he says.

"Respect for the entire nation's inherited heritage" should be lit on your headlights to indicate to motorists that it is obvious to them to change lanes, said Superintendent McDonnell. Drivers who have a car on a motorbike will always thank you for their brief return to the hazards, he said.

Experts recommend using your electric currents to tell drivers to reduce because of a risk factor – accident, wildlife, road debris or a wheelchair.

On such a night, in those cases, it is better to replace the lower floors instead of the lower or upper ones, Van Tassel said.

"This way you seem to be ignoring an oncoming driver with flashing lights, but you can still get a clear message that something is going right, and they have to be very careful," he said. .

Experts recommend keeping your lights down – even during the day – to improve your visibility with other drivers.

What about urban legends about the direct waves and the culture of launching gangs?

Stories vary slightly: One genre proves if You light your car on a car without the lights on, and you are targeted for violence. The other version suggests that drivers adjust their flashlight to get around you and when you do, you are killed as part of the beginning of the gang., the web site for stories, has repeatedly seen these stories as lies.