Yuvraj Singh Announces Managing Team Indian Eyes Off After World Cup

Yuvraj Singh said the management of the team should get someone in the same position and stick to it instead of cutting or changing after every little game.

Yuvraj Singh Announces Managing Team Indian Eyes Off After World Cup
Photo courtesy of Yuvraj Singh.

Former actor Yuvraj Singh has criticized the management of the group for its handling of no. 4th place after India's defeat at the World Cup.

Citing several votes that raised concerns about the selection process that led to the central government's ruling, Singh said the group's management had to choose someone for a position and stick to it rather than cut and change after several meetings.

If someone fails at No. 4, the club's management would have told him that he would play at the World Cup. Like the 2003 World Cup, we played in New Zealand before the tournament, and everyone lost. But the same team played at the World Cup, ”Yuvraj told the Times of India.

Commenting on Ambati Rayudu's treatment, he said it would be a shame to see how he was injured. He was competing for the World Cup. He ran into New Zealand but after three or four bad places, he dropped, ”Yuvraj added.

India finished in the group stage of the Cup with the highest points in the top-flight order, but failed to celebrate a 240-point goal in the semi-finals 1 against New Zealand in Manchester. Wednesday.

“Then Rishabh (Pant) came and fell. If the number 4 is the most important position in the ODI cricket, if you want someone to be good at that position, you should postpone it. You can't throw someone away. if he is not able to do well all the time, ”he said.

The opening of the KL Rahul Test was selected as the number four governing body for the World Cup, although the choices led by MSK Prasad said that all Vijay Shankar contenders were selected for the spot.

After Shikhar Dhawan's injury, Rahul was taken to the opening and Pant was brought to the cover. After Shankar was also injured, they flew open for Mayank Agarwal to fit the team. Rayudu, who was on the bench, was not called despite injuries, which prompted him to declare retirement.