Zhaowuda Cashmere | Define a new standard for cashmere scarves

Wool is an art

Cash cashmere is high quality

Rare cashmere and unique design process

Perfect fusion

Uda Cashmere | The new standard for defining cashmere scarves

Zhaowuda Cashmere has its own large-scale production plant

Production capacity of 300,000 cashmere scarves per year

Products are available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes

Different shapes, different jacquards, embroidered, printed Process

High-quality cashmere scarf

belongs to the original ecological green process

Incorporating more than ten innovative technologies such as anti-pilling, self-cleaning and easy care

Using natural plant houttuynia extract dyeing

not only contains chemical agents

and has antibacterial disinfection to human body

improves immunity And other health effects

Compared with nearby peers

Because it is a factory store, the price is more intimate

Zhao Wuda Cashmere | Define a new standard for cashmere scarves

Shawda cashmere scarf production

Mainly to undertake customer orders

Generally one quarter ahead of schedule Organize an order meeting

Customers provide design drawings or designs to the Zhaowuda Cashmere Factory based on this season or this year’s popular

styles, colors, patterns, etc.


The factory customizes cashmere scarves according to customer requirements

|Defining a new standard for cashmere scarves

At present, the company’s “Zhaowuda” brand product line

includes different styles of cashmere scarves such as woollen, worsted, etc.

The production process also includes traditional

Natural wrinkles, printing, segment dyeing, water soluble, ring velvet, hand-painted, etc.

are popular techniques at home and abroad

|Defining cashmere scarf new Standard

where the hand-painted is mainly on a wool scarf

Wool is fine Selected fine wool sheep from Xilin Gol, Inner Mongolia

, which is made of imported spinning equipment.

Established by a deep-rooted artist


Every color is unique

It uses internationally-exported

Green environmental protection “Lannasin” as fuel

More than 20 processes high temperature fixing color

Glossy natural, long faded

|Defining a new standard for cashmere scarves

Cashmere | defines the new standard for cashmere scarves

Printed scarves can accept any pattern

Private customized funds

Let you have your own unique items

Customized time is around 40 days

|Defining a new standard for cashmere scarves

Whether it’s a cashmere scarf or a wool scarf

just take care

It is a fashion item that can accompany us for a lifetime

Zhaowuda Cashmere

Free cleaning service for our consumers

You can always wear a scarf Send to in-store maintenance

|Defining a new standard for cashmere scarves